Our top 10 books of September 2023

The top 10 books for September include the latest from Angie Kim & Zadie Smith, plus a compelling mystery from William Kent Kruger and a helpful guide for talking about food with kids.
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Book jacket image for While You Were Out by Meg Kissinger
Family & Relationships

In a thoughtful attempt to reckon with the past, Meg Kissinger delivers a spellbinding account of how mental illness and addiction ripped her family apart.

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Book jacket image for The Fraud by Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith writes eloquent, powerful and often quite humorous novels with social issues at the fore, and The Fraud is no exception. Its firm grounding

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Book jacket image for He Who Drowned the World by Shelley Parker-Chan

He Who Drowned the World, Shelley Parker-Chan’s sequel to She Who Became the Sun, is the most finely crafted fantasy novel of the year.

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Book jacket image for Happiness Falls by Angie Kim
Family Drama

Angie Kim’s suspenseful follow-up to Miracle Creek follows a family that lives in a quiet and even bucolic neighborhood near Washington, D.C. They try to

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Book jacket image for Fat Talk by Virginia Sole-Smith
Family & Relationships

Virginia Sole-Smith provides tons of helpful advice for navigating food and conversation with your child to help unpack fatphobia.

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Book jacket image for Crossings by Ben Goldfarb

Roads aren’t going away anytime soon, but Crossings will spark conversation around the future of motorized vehicles and transportation in general.

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Book jacket image for Codename Charming by Lucy Parker
Contemporary Romance

Lucy Parker’s breezy and winning new rom-com, Codename Charming, follows a reserved royal bodyguard and the perky personal assistant of the prince he protects.

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Book jacket image for Chinese Menu by Grace Lin

Chinese Menu is a treat in every way: an exceptional compilation that can be read all at once or taken out from time to time

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Book jacket image for A Walk in the Woods by Nikki Grimes

Nikki Grimes, Brian Pinkney and his late father, Jerry Pinkney, have gifted us a heartbreakingly beautiful picture book about loss and grief.

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