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For more than 30 years, BookPage has been a trusted source for book reviews, recommendations and author interviews. Our monthly book review and recommendation guide, available in both print and digital editions, reaches a nationwide audience of more than 400,000 avid readers through our 3,500 subscribing public libraries and bookstores.

BookPage highlights intriguing new voices as well as anticipated bestsellers, pointing readers to the best new releases across all genres including historical fiction, literary fiction, popular fiction, mysteries & thrillers, nonfiction, biography & memoir, romance, cozies, audiobooks, lifestyles, children’s, young adult and more. 

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Our goal is to connect every reader to a book they will love. We present a diverse selection of new books each month across genres and categories, and ensure our book reviews, author interviews and special features are timely, informative and accessible.

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A nationwide audience of reading consumers buy and borrow the books they discover in BookPage, both in print and online. Booksellers and public librarians buy the books featured in BookPage because they know they will have patron demand for the titles reviewed and advertised each month. 

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BookPage is editorially independent, and our editorial coverage is separate from paid advertising. Submissions for coverage consideration must be sent to the editorial department. See below for more information.

Our Editorial Policy

At BookPage, we only cover books that we believe are worth recommending. Our editors evaluate hundreds of titles each month, selecting the best books in each genre and category to ensure that every type of reader can find a book they’ll love in BookPage. Most issues also cover seasonal topics or have a particular genre focus—see our Editorial Calendar here.

BookPage is editorially independent, and our editorial coverage is separate from paid advertising. See below for paid display advertising opportunities.

How to Submit Books For Review Consideration

Pitches and digital review copies should be submitted to our editorial department at least four months prior to a book’s publication date. This gives us adequate time to assess the quality of a book and assign it to an appropriate reviewer. We do not accept print galleys except upon request. For more detailed information on submitting books, please see our submission guidelines.

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