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Forget the Y2K craze: A 2010s revival seems to be underway in romance, with sports romances taking the field and dark paranormals looming on the horizon. But never fear, historicals and rom-coms aren’t going anywhere.
Available 1/16/2024

Dangerous and thrilling, Midnight Ruin showcases Katee Robert’s ability to explore kink and polyamorous partnerships deftly and with care. (The partnerships in question? The triad between Orpheus, Eurydice and Charon!)

Available 1/30/2024

We’re all familiar with the old joke of someone pretending to have a significant other up in Canada, when the reality actually is that they’re just single and loath to admit it. In Aurora Evans’ defense, the Canadian boyfriend she pretended to have when she was a teenager was based on a real person, a traveling hockey player she encountered at her job in the mall. She never imagined that years later, Mike Martin would show up at her dance studio to pick up his daughter.

Available 2/06/2024

Tia Williams broke out in a big way in 2021 with her emotional second-chance romance, Seven Days in June, and her follow-up novel sounds like a intriguing change of pace. A romantic and exuberant tale set around a flower shop in Harlem, A Love Song for Ricki Wilde follows the titular character as she attempts to strike out on her own, away from her wealthy and judgmental Atlanta family, only to encounter a mysterious and charming musician.

Available 2/06/2024

After three lighthearted novels and a collection of novellas set in the world of modern science, BookTok-beloved author Ali Hazelwood is swerving in the opposite direction with this intense paranormal romance between a vampyre and her new alpha werewolf husband.

Available 2/13/2024

Firmly in her duology era after the viral success of the Bellinger Sisters and A Vine Mess books, Tessa Bailey’s latest rom-com series will take place in the very trendy subgenre of sports romance. Refreshingly, the first installment’s hero is a down-on-his-luck golf player, rather than your typical grumpy hockey he-man. (Don’t worry, rumor has it the second book in the series is indeed a hockey romance.)

Available 2/13/2024

Anita Kelly is one of those authors who gets better with every book, topping their own high standard with each deeply felt new romance. A basketball romance so charming that even benchwarmers will fall head over heels, How You Get the Girl follows high school coach Julie Parker and her new assistant, Elle Cochrane, a former pro player who offers to help Julie practice dating when they’re not on the court.

Available 3/05/2024

Kennedy Ryan began her Skyland series with the marvelous Before I Let Go, and will return with another emotional, complex love story. This Could Be Us follows Soledad Barnes as she builds a new life as a single mother after an unexpected divorce, and faces an even more unexpected chance at new love.

Available 4/02/2024

After her reality TV show-set debut rom-com (The Charm Offensive), Alison Cochrun surprised readers with the 180-degree turn of Kiss Her Once for Me, a sweet and gently melancholic holiday romance. Her third novel is yet another switch-up in tone, a roadtrip rom-com starring two ex-best friends who reunite to drive their former English teacher and mentor across the country after he reveals he only has a few months to live.

Available 4/02/2024

The always-wonderful Abby Jimenez writes high-concept rom-coms starring lovable, carefully constructed characters. Her latest novel, Just for the Summer, ups the ante on the “I’m the person people are with right before they meet their true love” trope by afflicting both main characters with this curse. When Justin and Emma meet on the internet, they decide to date in the hopes of canceling their bizarre bad luck. But of course, they soon start to legitimately fall for each other, even as their fun summer fling becomes increasingly complicated with family drama.

Available 4/09/2024

Many romance readers can’t resist a good fairy tale retelling, and Felicia Grossman’s Jewish, genderswapped Victorian Cinderella, Marry Me by Midnight, was one of the best in recent memory. Its sequel, Wake Me Most Wickedly, will be inspired by Snow White and will also genderswap the characters: Solomon Weiss is a handsome, confident businessman, and Grossman described his love interest as a bad-girl “huntswoman” in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Available 4/23/2024

It’s been several years since rom-com savant Jenny Holiday penned a historical romance, and her grand return to the subgenre sounds like an absolute hoot. Said to be inspired by the sweet, openly affectionate male friendships of “Ted Lasso,” Earls Trip will follow Archibald Fielding-Burton and his two besties as they embark on their annual trip, only to have it completely derailed when they have to stop Archie’s childhood friend, Clementine, from eloping.

Available 4/23/2024

One of the loveliest throughlines of Emily Henry’s small but mighty backlist is her cleareyed but warm appreciation for small towns everywhere. That aspect of her work will be front and center in Funny Story, which takes place in the small lakefront town of Waning Bay, Michigan. Daphne moved to Waning Bay with her fiancé, Peter, only to be dumped days before their wedding after Peter realized he was in love with his best friend, Petra. Now stranded in Waning Bay, Daphne has no choice but to move in with Petra’s ex-boyfriend, Miles, who embarks on a quest to get Daphne to appreciate his hometown—while the pair pretend to be dating on social media to make their exes jealous.

Available 4/23/2024

One of the reigning queens of historical romance, Julie Anne Long will return with the seventh book in her critically acclaimed Palace of Rogues series, which takes place in a off-the-beaten-path but charming boarding house in Regency London. The setting allows for unlikely, scandalous pairings, and the next couple will be an innocent girl from the country and a notorious, cynical rake.

Available 5/14/2024

Once upon a time, a vampire and a selkie went after a magical pirate ship and fell in love along the way. If you’re familiar with the work of Katee Robert, you’re already on board (sorry). And if you’re not, trust us when we say that even if you’re not a fantasy or paranormal romance fan, it’s impossible to not have a grand time on the good ship Robert.

Available 5/14/2024

Powerhouse author duo Christina Lauren’s latest sounds like a particularly pool-ready read, full of tropes straight out of an adorable early-2000s rom-com. When they were both in college, a starving artist married the heir to a huge corporation so she could get that sweet, sweet family housing. But three years later, they haven’t actually gotten divorced, and the heir needs a wife in order to collect a $100 million inheritance.

Available 6/25/2024

The outrageously fun Meant to Be series lets powerhouse romance authors put their own contemporary spins on classic Disney princess tales: Julie Murphy did Cinderella, Jasmine Guillory did Beauty and the Beast, Zoraida Córdova did The Little Mermaid and now Christina Lauren will update one of Disney’s more modern but no-less-beloved films, Tangled.

Available 8/06/2024

Zen Cho writing a contemporary rom-com with a K-drama-esque plot?! Maybe this is the best timeline after all! For non-SFF fans, Cho is the acclaimed author of Regency fantasies Sorcerer to the Crown and The True Queen, as well as the marvelous modern ghost story Black Water Sister. We’re beyond intrigued to see what Cho’s ever-engaging voice brings to a whole new genre.

Available 8/06/2024

Two exes. On the same food and wine tour of Europe. By Casey McQuiston. Is there anything else to say? Fine: McQuiston is one of our finest purveyors of rom-coms working today, capable of delivering pure joy and happy tears alike, and people will be screaming about this book from its release until the end of 2024.

Available 9/10/2024

Elizabeth Hoyt’s third Greycourt novel has been a long time coming (her last book, When a Rogue Meets His Match, was published way back in 2020, and four years is an enormous gap in romance), but her fans’ enthusiasm for this series following two rival families in Regency England hasn’t flagged in the slightest.

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