December 26, 2017

A romantic high school reunion

By Susan Fox
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Susan Fox pens a page-turner of second chances and self-discovery in the second book of her Blue Moon Harbor series.

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Miranda Gabriel is back in Blue Moon Harbor, the town she fled after dropping out of high school. It’s the last place she ever expected to return to, but she has a 2-year-old daughter who deserves better than what Miranda has been able to give her so far. So Miranda returns to the tiny town and to her brother, Aaron, the only person she unequivocally knows she can count on. Once back in Blue Moon Harbor, Miranda discovers she’s inheriting Aaron’s new fiancée’s family right along with him. Miranda and Aaron were given short shrift in the functional family department, so she doesn’t have the first idea how to interact with her new family-in-law. She doesn’t plan to stick around very long, anyhow. She just needs to get back on her feet, then she’s returning to Vancouver where she belongs.

Local veterinarian Luke Chandler is a lifelong resident of Blue Moon Harbor. He married his high school sweetheart, and they planned to grow old together. But the day their twin boys were born, he lost the love of his life, and he’s been raising his sons on his own these past four years. Then one day, he walks into the local toy store and runs into the no-longer-Goth, grown-up version of the girl who fascinated him back in high school. Luke decides on the spot that maybe the time is finally right for him to get to know another woman. Miranda is a harder sell, but Luke perseveres until she agrees to meet him for a cup of coffee. And little by little thereafter, Miranda is drawn deeper into his orbit.

Susan Fox pens a page-turner of second chances and self-discovery in the second book of her Blue Moon Harbor series. Too many books hinge on a problem that one good conversation would resolve, but Miranda and Luke are excellent communicators who actually discuss the problems separating them, even as their individual issues threaten to keep them from getting their hearts’ desires. Their gratifying struggle will keep you turning the pages of Come Home with Me far into the early hours of the morning to learn how they ultimately score their happily ever after.

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