October 31, 2017

Where the heart calls

By Liora Blake
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Liora Blake's Ready for Wild is full of heart, humor and sizzling sexiness.

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Braden Montgomery is a game warden in small-town Hotchkiss, Colorado, and has structured his life exactly the way he wants it. His job lets him spend a lot of time outdoors, and the only female he has to tolerate these days—never mind cares to have warming his bed—is his dog Charley. Given Braden’s history with a cheating ex-fiancée, bachelorhood suits him just fine. But then a Texas girl who stars in a televised hunting show and is best known for her short shorts, cleavage and pink camouflage bursts into his life, smelling like strawberries and making his dormant libido rear its head.

Amber Regan’s show is circling the drain, and she’s in search of the perfect location to film an elk hunt she hopes will haul the program back to its glory days. She knows exactly what Warden Montgomery thinks of her—and doesn’t particularly care. Well, except maybe for the part where something about the guy makes her heart beat in Texas Two Step Swing tempo. She knows what a fantastic hunter she is. She grew up hunting with her uncle and if people don’t like the girly wardrobe she often does it in, too bad.

Ready for Wild was my first Liora Blake book, but it won’t be my last. Blake writes with heart, humor and sizzling sexiness, presenting her readers with characters and situations we can sink our teeth into and believe in. Braden and Amber felt like people I would happily hang out with. They didn’t let misunderstandings stand—they talked things through, leaping off the page as fully realized adults. I predict they will leave you rooting as enthusiastically for their hard won happily ever after as I did.

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Ready for Wild

Ready for Wild

By Liora Blake
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