August 30, 2016

When love comes calling

By Sarah Morgan
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USA Today bestselling author Sarah Morgan pens a fun, emotionally satisfying book in Sunset in Central Park, the second in her From Manhattan with Love series.

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Sunset in Central Park, the second romance in bestselling author Sarah Morgan’s Manhattan with Love series, is a fun, emotionally satisfying read.

Frankie Cole doesn’t believe in happily ever after, at least not for herself. She intends to be contentedly single forever. Because love? Well, she has seen the corrosiveness of that condition from a front row seat, along with all the myriad ways in which the highs ultimately crash and burn, leaving only smoking ruins. And yes, she acknowledges the irony of the event-planning business she recently began with her two best friends showing its early success largely within the wedding industry. Her partners assure her they will branch out into venues better suiting her once they get their collective foot in the door. Frankie doesn’t see it happening anytime soon, however, and she struggles to keep her frustration in check.

Then her friend Matt Walker, who unbeknownst to her has long been looking for an excuse to get closer to her, offers her an opportunity to design the plantings for a rooftop he’s converting from utilitarian space to lush entertainment venue. Frankie, unable to resist the chance to get her hands on something meatier than wedding bouquets and table flowers, signs on. And immediately sparks begin to fly.

The twists in this story are sure to draw you in. Matt is one romantic sweetheart of a hero, Frankie’s problems are believably motivated and the dialogue is honest and compelling. Sunset in Central Park is a red-hot, witty page-turner that I predict will keep you up all night.


Susan Andersen is a New York Times bestselling author of 23 romance and romantic suspense novels.

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