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Celebrate the holidays with three marvelous stories from four best-selling authors. Angel Lane returns readers to Sheila Roberts’ much-loved community of Heart Lake while Linda Howard’s Ice adds the thrill and chill of danger to a reunion tale of high school friends. Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter combine their talents to transport readers to paranormal worlds populated with vampires, valkyries and handsome alien warriors in Deep Kiss of Winter.

Take a well-deserved break from gift shopping and settle into your favorite chair with Angel Lane. Whether you’ve enjoyed earlier visits to the town of Heart Lake or you’ve only recently discovered Sheila Roberts’ charming books, you’re in for a treat with the latest title from this talented author. Angel Lane features three interesting, talented and warm women, each of whom has her own reasons for feeling ambivalent about the upcoming holiday celebrations.

Jaime is a successful chocolatier who’s recovering from a bad marriage; bakery owner Sarah is an empty-nested grandmother struggling to fill the emotional hole left in her life after her grandchildren move far away. Their friend Emma is fighting to keep her quilt shop afloat while wishing destiny would hurry up and deliver her long overdue, one-and-only love. When Emma starts a movement to encourage the town’s residents to commit random acts of kindness, Jaime and Sarah agree to help. None of the women could have foreseen the impact the plan to “put the heart back in Heart Lake” would have on their small town—or their own lives. Roberts’ trademark humor and memorable characters wrestling with real-life issues add up to a novel that will make readers smile and wish for more.

Those who love a bit of danger with their romance are in for a few shivers while reading Ice, Linda Howard’s tale of romantic suspense. During an ice storm in wintry Maine, Gabriel McQueen races against time to bring Lolly Helton down from her mountain home to the safety of town. But unfortunately, the dangerous weather isn’t the only threat to their lives. A pair of drug addicts are chasing them, and it’s anyone’s guess whether Gabe and Lolly will freeze to death or be shot in the ice-coated woods. They’re determined to survive, even if it means their stalkers have to die. Howard does a stellar job of turning up the heat between Gabe and Lolly despite the icy-cold setting in this dangerous tale of high school friends rediscovering the sparks that once drew them together.

For a change of pace, ask Santa to wrap up your own personal copy of Deep Kiss of Winter by Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter. These two acclaimed paranormal romance authors join forces to bring readers two stories in this sizzling holiday collection.

An Ice Queen and a vampire warrior come together in Cole’s “Untouchable.” Daniela (Danii) is a valykrie who is part ice fey, and her cold skin will freeze anyone who touches her. Centuries-old and incredibly powerful, vampire Murdoch Wroth knows at first sight that Danii is his mate, but even his phenomenal physical and mental strength is stymied by her body’s ability to prevent contact. While desire ratchets higher with each second, Murdoch and Danii’s sexual frustration is matched only by the danger that threatens their very lives. Fans of Cole’s “Immortals After Dark” series will love this story and its connection to prior books, while readers new to the author’s valkyries and vampires will surely be hooked by this addition in the popular paranormal series.

Showalter’s “Tempt Me Eternally” stars a woman who can change her features and shape to assume any identity and a man from another world. Aleaha Love’s adopted persona as a government agent has her crossing paths with Breean, commander of a group of interplanetary travelers determined to build new lives on Earth. The two are clearly made for each other, but they’re on opposite sides of a war . . . or are they? With deception and danger all about them, the two will have to combine forces if they’re to survive and become life mates. Showalter has a reputation for writing hot and steamy paranormal romance, and she doesn’t disappoint in this tale of otherworldly adventure.

Lois Dyer writes from Port Orchard, Washington

Celebrate the holidays with three marvelous stories from four best-selling authors. Angel Lane returns readers to Sheila Roberts’ much-loved community of Heart Lake while Linda Howard’s Ice adds the thrill and chill of danger to a reunion tale of high school friends. Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter combine their talents to transport readers to paranormal […]
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Christmas-themed romance novels are as plentiful as shopping mall Santas, so we’ve picked a few of this year’s best and brightest for your enjoyment. Relax, put your feet up, pour a hot cup of Earl Grey and be swept away by these holiday tales.

Best-selling author Robyn Carr will delight her many fans with Bring Me Home for Christmas, an endearing story set in a small mountain town in Northern California. This tale of a lovers’ reunion stars Rebecca Timm and Denny Cutler. Once deeply in love, the young college student and Marine were torn apart when Denny’s mother died and he re-enlisted in the Corps. Now, several years later, Becca is considering a marriage proposal from another man. Before she can give him an answer, though, she knows she has to see Denny again. Becca is seeking closure when she travels to Virgin River—and what she finds there is a love that has endured and still holds them both in thrall. Despite their painful past and the broken hearts they’ve both suffered, is it possible that Becca and Denny can find a way forward, together? This latest entry is a wonderful addition to Carr’s Virgin River series.

Prepare to be enchanted by Sheila Roberts’ The Nine Lives of Christmas. Even Ambrose the cat has an opinion about whether firefighter Zach Stone should get together with retail clerk Merilee White. Unfortunately, Zach is seriously commitment-shy, while Merilee is just . . . well . . . shy. But Ambrose is on his ninth and final cat life. He’s convinced that he’s required to atone for his past eight wicked-cat lives and is now on a mission to bring his human companion a serious dose of Christmas happiness. Unfortunately, Zach is not only uninterested in holiday trappings, he’s determinedly avoiding Merilee because he’s wary of the powerful attraction he feels toward her. Nonetheless, Ambrose is determined to play matchmaker. Zach has a wall of steel around his heart, and it isn’t until family secrets are laid bare that he’s able to see his world—and Merilee—with new perspective. The story has Roberts’ trademark humor woven into a well-crafted plot, combined with engaging characters that are sure to charm and delight readers.

New York Times best-selling author Linda Lael Miller transports readers back to the early 1900s and the American West in A Lawman’s Christmas. When Clay McKettrick arrives in Blue River, Texas, to begin work as the new town marshal, he’s accosted by a precocious six-year-old cherub. He takes her home and learns her mother is Dara Rose Nolan, the widow of the prior marshal. The small house the family lives in is part of the marshal’s compensation, and Clay now has the power to evict Dara and her two daughters from their home. But Clay is charmed by the pretty young widow, and Dara Rose finds the handsome young marshal irresistible. The two agree to join forces, but what begins as a practical decision to secure a future for her two daughters soon has Dara Rose struggling with whether she dares to risk falling in love. Miller has created a rock-solid Western setting, and she brings it to life with characters who are believable and admirable. Readers will love this heartwarming Christmas story.

Christmas-themed romance novels are as plentiful as shopping mall Santas, so we’ve picked a few of this year’s best and brightest for your enjoyment. Relax, put your feet up, pour a hot cup of Earl Grey and be swept away by these holiday tales. PASSIONATE REUNIONBest-selling author Robyn Carr will delight her many fans with […]
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February has arrived: the month of hearts, cupids and romance. What better way to celebrate than with a romance novel? Fortunately for readers, the month brings four exceptionally stellar romance novels. Indulge. Enjoy. Viva la romance!


Best-selling author Stephanie Laurens returns readers to Regency England and the ranks of her beloved Cynster family with The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae, the third title in the Searching For A Hero trilogy. At last, readers will learn why a mysterious Scottish lord has dared to kidnap two ladies of the British ton. And these are not just any ladies—they’re sisters and members of the Cynster family. The powerful family had been told that the man behind the kidnappings had fallen to his death. But now Angelica Cynster, the youngest of the three sisters, has become his third target.

When Angelica Cynster sees a tall, dark, handsome lord across a ballroom, she’s intrigued and determined to meet him. She has no idea that Dominic Guisachan, the Earl of Glencrae, is the man responsible for the earlier kidnappings of her two older sisters. Before the night is over, Dominic explains the reason behind the mysterious kidnappings and asks for her help. After considering the Earl’s tale, Angelica takes the biggest gamble of her life and agrees to join forces with him to save his highland clan. When Dominic leaves London for Scotland, Angelica goes with him. He knew their escape from London would be fraught with danger, but Dominic hadn’t anticipated the threat Angelica would pose to his heart. As an honorable lord of the realm, he’s fully aware that taking her with him means they must marry. She, however, insists on postponing a decision as to whether she will wed until they’ve resolved the threat to his clan.

The journey is fraught with danger but at last they reach Mheadhoin Castle. Despite Dominic’s warnings, Angelica finds the mystery and danger swirling about his castle even more ominous than she’d expected. Old enmities, long-held grudges, and dangerous secrets threaten violence and harm to both her and Dominic. Fortunately, the long trip from London to Scotland has forged a deep, passionate bond between them. They will need all their faith and determination to defeat the evil forces bent on destroying Dominic’s clan from within.

The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae is a wonderfully satisfying conclusion to this series. No question is left unanswered, no plot thread left dangling as Ms. Laurens deftly wraps up the trilogy while giving readers a fully developed, intriguing story that stands on its own. Longtime readers will delight in appearances by Cynster family members and new fans will be charmed to meet characters from prior books. As always in a Laurens’ story, the novel’s Regency setting is brilliantly detailed and the romance heated and passionate.


Seattle author Jayne Ann Krentz launches the Dark Legacy series with Copper Beach, a contemporary paranormal mystery set in the Pacific Northwest.

Rare book locator Abby Radwell has an unusual psychic gift: She can unlock the psi-codes in books sealed by paranormal means. The unique talent brings her to the attention of a dangerous killer who needs her expertise in locating a long-lost lab journal and decoding its secrets. When blackmail notes arrive in her email inbox, Abby realizes someone has discovered that she has a second, rarely-used and powerful, psychic talent. She turns to investigator Sam Coppersmith to stop the threats, keep her safe and expose the blackmailer.

The mysterious, reclusive Sam has his own secrets. He suspects the threats to Abby are linked to a business associate and a decades-old lab book that has recently surfaced. Sam’s father is convinced the information contained in the lab notes has the potential to cause havoc in the world. Sam agrees with his father that some paranormal secrets are too dangerous for man to control.

The moment Sam meets Abby, he reacts to her on every level—sexually, mentally, emotionally—and his responses are heightened by the flare of psychic energy that sizzles between them. Abby feels the same and it’s soon clear that they’re bound together by more than their need to solve the threat to her life.

It’s equally apparent that someone is willing to do whatever it takes, including murder, to gain possession of the rare lab book and compel Abby’s cooperation in unlocking its secrets. Soon, too many people are dying and it will take all of Sam and Abby’s combined mental agility and psychic strengths to stay alive and unveil the killer.

Ms. Krentz continues a long list of excellent paranormal mysteries with Copper Beach. The novel blends paranormal elements with blackmail, murder and romance with seamless ease. There’s a thoroughly satisfying personal arc for Abby, as well, as she resolves long-held issues with difficult members of her blended family. As always with Ms. Krentz, the writing is crisp and clean, the characters well-developed, the setting vivid and the plot details well constructed. All in all, Copper Beach is one terrific read.


Author Heather Snow makes her literary debut with Sweet Enemy, a historical romance set in Regency England. Beautiful Liliana Claremont is determined to spend her life pursuing the study of chemistry, botany and other assorted sciences. She has no interest in acquiring a husband. But when she discovers that her father’s death was not caused by burglars but was instead premeditated murder, she’s determined to find out why he was killed. The clues point to a connection with the deceased Earl of Stratford and she agrees to accompany her aunt and cousin to a house party at the Stratford country estate; the opportunity to further her investigation is simply too good to resist.

Indulge in four romantic novels this Valentine's Day.

The current Earl of Stratford, Geoffrey Wentworth, has no interest in marriage, either. He’s tricked into returning to his country estate by an urgent letter from his scheming mother. When he arrives, he learns she’s determined to maneuver him into proposing marriage to one of the eligible ladies she’s gathered for a house party. Furious at being called away from his political labors in London, Geoffrey remains at the estate only because his mother has also invited several powerful men with whom he seeks alliances. Nonetheless, he swears to cede his manipulative mother only minimal cooperation. As to choosing one of the hopeful ladies as his bride? He’s adamantly opposed and has no intention of selecting a future wife from the gathering.

Both Liliana and Geoffrey’s plans go awry on the very first night when Geoffrey bumps into Liliana and literally knocks her into his arms. From then on, their interaction appears inevitable. Fate seems determined to throw them together and their prejudices are gradually erased as they discover that neither is what the other expected. Despite their earlier intentions, both find themselves falling in love, though each struggles to deny the deepening emotion.

As Liliana searches for clues to her father’s murder, she uncovers startling information that threatens the growing connection between herself and Geoffrey. She fears the truth will destroy any hope of a future for them, yet she feels compelled to solve the mystery. Neither Liliana nor Geoffrey could have foreseen the danger that threatens their lives nor the depth of love that will be required to save them.

Sweet Enemy pairs a strong, independent heroine with a compassionate, politically active hero. The heroine’s unique knowledge of chemistry provides for some interesting twists, which combine with a solid plot, well-developed characters and deftly drawn setting to make an excellent first novel. Readers will be delighted to add Ms. Snow to their list of must-read authors.


Best-selling author Lara Adrian moves to hardcover with Darker After Midnight, a riveting novel that will keep readers mesmerized. This 10th title in the author’s Midnight Breed series stars Sterling Chase, a member of a group of Breed warriors called the Order. The Order is charged with protecting Breeds and maintaining peace with the human world, but Sterling has fallen from grace and is edging much too close to the line dividing sanity and madness.

Beautiful Tavia Fairchild witnesses Sterling in what she thinks is a serious crime, and he takes her captive when he runs from the police. Something about Tavia calls to his deepest instincts, but even Sterling could not have predicted the stunning truth about the beautiful female.

Thrust into a world she never knew existed, Tavia is forced to rely on Sterling and his fellow warriors if she’s to survive— for the ultimate evil, a power-mad vampire named Dragos, is about to detonate chaos on an unsuspecting earth. With the streets awash in blood and death, Sterling and Tavia will have to use all their combined power and cunning to defeat Dragos and save the world.

Legions of paranormal romance readers are addicted to Adrian’s novels, and Darker After Midnight is sure to delight her fans with its thrills, chills and shocking revelations about the world of the Midnight Breeds. If you like romance combined with heart-stopping paranormal suspense, you’re going to love this book.

Lois Faye Dyer writes from her home in Port Orchard, Washington

February has arrived: the month of hearts, cupids and romance. What better way to celebrate than with a romance novel? Fortunately for readers, the month brings four exceptionally stellar romance novels. Indulge. Enjoy. Viva la romance! A STUNNING FINALE TO A HEROIC TRILOGY Best-selling author Stephanie Laurens returns readers to Regency England and the ranks […]
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The December issue of BookPage features reviews of six delightfully feel-good holiday romances that are sure to leave readers feeling warm and fuzzy this festive season. But if you’re craving romance with an edge—perhaps even of the paranormal sort—here’s a quartet of suspenseful, action-packed offerings with more than enough thrills, chills, vills (as in villains) and kills to get your adrenaline pumping.

In this sixth book of her Elder Races series, Thea Harrison brings readers the story of Aryal, a shape-shifter harpy and elite Sentinel, and Quentin, a newly appointed Sentinel who’s part Wyr, part Elven and part Dark Fae. The two powerful and edgy warriors have been at odds since they first met, but it isn’t until they’re paired on a mission that the two finally have the time and space to confront their feelings. When danger threatens, Aryal and Quentin are forced to work together to survive and complete their assignment. Their alliance will change them both in unexpected ways as they run afoul of a witch and her ghostly wolves in the foreign Elven land of Numenlaur.

Kinked deftly blends a compelling plot with fascinating characters and is set in a mythical world that’s brilliantly detailed. Fans will be delighted with this latest installment in the series that’s certain to land Harrison on the bestseller lists once again.

Ex-Marine Nicholas Rixley knows Becca Merritt is trouble the moment she walks into Hard Ink Tattoo. The beautiful nurse needs Nicholas’ unique expertise to find her missing brother, but helping his ex-commander’s daughter is the last thing Nick wants to do. Still, something about Becca makes it impossible for him to turn her away. Soon, Nick uncovers clues that lead him to discover the criminal activities of Becca’s deceased father. With danger all around them, it’s difficult enough to keep her safe, let alone resist the powerful attraction that blazes between them. Nick tries not to contemplate a future beyond the immediate moment, but if they can survive, is there a chance she might agree to stay with him forever?

A well-structured plot, interesting details of life at Hard Ink Tattoo and lots of steamy sexual tension between a very likeable hero and heroine add up to a winner for Laura Kaye. Hard as It Gets is the first in a planned series centered around five former Special Forces soldiers and will undoubtedly have readers eagerly anticipating the next book—Hard as You Can is due to come out in late February.

Once blind, Rachel de Luca, author of popular self-help books, is reveling in the return of her vision following a successful cornea transplant. Homicide detective Mason Brown has a history with Rachel and would like to have a future, but they’ve agreed to give each other space. When Rachel has a vivid dream about a murder, however, she turns to Mason, and together, they set out to follow clues that only they can find. The last time they combined forces to search for a killer (in Sleep with the Lights On), they both nearly died. This time, they might not be so lucky.

This edgy thriller tempers nail-biting suspense with humor, and Rachel and Mason’s struggle to ignore the attraction that pulls them together is thoroughly enjoyable. Maggie Shayne has created a hero and heroine that readers will want to rejoin for further adventures.

Guild hunter Elena Deveraux and her mate, the archangel Raphael, rule over his New York demesne with power and determination. But when a foreign archangel with a demonic agenda threatens the very existence of their world, it will take all their combined supernatural talents for Elena and Raphael to save New York. And given the strength and evil plotting of their nemesis, the outcome is by no means guaranteed. Singh is at the top of her game in this latest Guild Hunter novel. The stakes are high; the villain is supremely and insanely evil; and Elena and Raphael’s battle to thwart their enemy is as fierce as their mating. Longtime fans of Singh will be delighted with Archangel’s Legion, and new readers will find themselves hooked on this best-selling series.

Lois Dyer writes from Port Orchard, Washington.

The December issue of BookPage features reviews of six delightfully feel-good holiday romances that are sure to leave readers feeling warm and fuzzy this festive season. But if you’re craving romance with an edge—perhaps even of the paranormal sort—here’s a quartet of suspenseful, action-packed offerings with more than enough thrills, chills, vills (as in villains) and […]
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If you’re looking for sweet, feel-good love stories to read this Valentine’s Day, our romance expert Christie Ridgway has highlighted several in her February column. For those of you craving romance with an edge, some thrills or a paranormal slant, here is a trio of steamy, suspenseful books. If the edge-of-your seat intrigue doesn't send your pulse skyrocketing, the gorgeous and courageous heroes certainly will. 

In Cynthia Eden’s Burn for Me, investigative reporter Eve Bradley uses a fake identity to penetrate the lower levels of the Genesis facility, where she finds proof that the labs are conducting illegal experiments on shifters. When she sees Cain chained and wounded, she discovers a supernatural being she never dreamed existed. Cain is a phoenix, and when he dies, he burns to ash, only to be reborn—stronger and sometimes dangerously closer to losing his humanity.

Though Cain is drawn to Eve, he knows there can be no future with the beautiful and vulnerable human. After rescuing her from the Genesis lab, he leaves her behind so that he can track down the shifter who betrayed him. But, just a few short hours later, Cain has to save Eve again, and it’s clear that the shadowy government agency that supports the experimental lab is hunting Eve. She becomes his Achilles' heel, with Genesis scientists wanting to torture her to control Cain. Eve and Cain must race against time and face overwhelming odds to evade their pursuers and survive.

Eden melds a wildly inventive paranormal world with lots of steamy romance and high adventure. The result is a high-octane, roller-coaster ride laced with chills and thrills.

In Cecy Robson’s Cursed by Destiny—the third in her Weird Girls series—tigress shapeshifter Celia Wird has joined forces with the vampire Alliance to fight the evil threatening the paranormal world. She’s grieving the loss of Aric, her alpha lover and mate, a purebred wolf shifter who’s been ordered by his Pack Elders to choose a fellow purebred female and procreate. The wolves are a dying breed, and Aric’s conscience has compelled him to reluctantly agree to the pending marriage.

Celia tries to focus on destroying the demons that threaten her world, but it quickly becomes clear that an evil, unknown entity is targeting Celia herself. Though torn between his duty to his Pack and his love for Celia, Aric can’t stand by and let her fight alone, so he joins her—despite the anger of the Pack Elders. But even with Aric’s support and Celia’s own powerful abilities, their survival is no sure thing.

Robson has meshed an adventurous paranormal plot—rife with scary, unsavory monsters and evil villains—with a heart-wrenching romance. Throw in a kick-ass heroine and a very hunky hero, and the result is a book that’s sure to please romance readers everywhere.

Going Twice is the second novel (following Going Once) in Sharon Sala’s Forces of Nature series. In this installment, FBI investigator Wade Luckett and his team are once again chasing the elusive serial killer called Stormchaser. Powerful tornados are ripping swathes of destruction across Oklahoma, and Stormchaser is following in their paths, exacerbating the violence and death by ritually executing survivors. When an additional agent is sent to join Wade’s team, he’s stunned to learn it’s his ex-wife, Jolene. Tragedy tore them apart three years earlier, but despite their subsequent divorce, Wade still loves her.

Jo Luckett still loves Wade, too, and seeing him is difficult. Working in close proximity, however, forces them to interact, and it’s soon clear that both are interested in exploring their buried feelings for each other. But romance must wait, because a series of terrifying storms descends upon Missouri, followed by Stormchaser, who is furious when the media focuses on Wade and Jo rather than on his kills. Stormchaser sets his sights on Jo, and if Wade and his team of FBI agents don’t move quickly, she’ll be his next victim.

Sala has created an engaging and sympathetic couple in Wade and Jo and pitted them against a truly terrifying and brilliant villain. Unlike many fictional serial killers, Stormchaser is multi-dimensional, sometimes even likeable, and his insanity adds to the well-conceived and executed plot. The twist at the end of the book is worthy of Agatha Christie at her best. Sala’s fans will thoroughly enjoy this latest novel and impatiently await the upcoming third—and final—story featuring the Stormchaser, due out this fall.

Lois Dyer writes from Port Orchard, Washington. 

If you’re looking for sweet, feel-good love stories to read this Valentine’s Day, our romance expert Christie Ridgway has highlighted several in her February column. For those of you craving romance with an edge, some thrills or a paranormal slant, here is a trio of steamy, suspenseful books. If the edge-of-your seat intrigue doesn't send your pulse skyrocketing, the gorgeous and courageous heroes certainly will. 

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Spring has arrived and, with it, wedding season. Brimming with adventure, humor, danger, surprises, mystery and, of course, love, these four new nuptial-themed romance novels will surely send you swooning.

In It Happened One Wedding by best-selling author Julie James, successful investment banker Sidney Sinclair is caught up in her younger sister’s whirlwind wedding plans. Unfortunately for Sidney, being maid of honor means she has to deal with Vaughn Roberts, the sexy brother of her sister’s groom. An experienced FBI agent, Vaughn has a love-’em-and-leave-’em approach to women: He dates a lot but has no interest in commitment. Sidney has dated too many guys who share Vaughn’s attitude and has decided she’s done with playboys. She’s made a list of requirements for her next boyfriend, and Vaughn doesn’t seem to have any of them.

Unfortunately for Sidney, she can’t ignore the powerful attraction growing between her and Vaughn, especially when they’re constantly thrown together as part of the wedding preparations. Vaughn’s having his own problems because spending time with Sidney is making him question whether he truly wants to avoid commitment—or if he just hasn’t met the right woman until now.

This battle-of-the-sexes novel is rich with detail about the world of investment banking and FBI undercover work. The secondary characters are charming, while Vaughn and Sidney will tug at readers’ hearts and make them smile.

Otherwise Engaged, the latest historical romance by Amanda Quick (aka Seattle’s Jayne Ann Krentz), is set in 19th-century London. In the opening chapter, intrepid world traveler Amity Doncaster saves the life of Benedict Stanbridge, finding herself drawn to the mysterious engineer. It isn’t until later, when the report of her bravery causes gossip in London, that their paths cross again. And Benedict’s arrival is none too soon, because the scandal has placed Amity directly in the path of a serial killer known as the Bridegroom. Benedict immediately joins forces with Amity to begin a search for the killer, who turns out to be a formidable opponent. Despite their combined talent and intelligence, and the fact that they’re aided by a Scotland Yard investigator and Amity’s sister, whether they will survive the machinations of the madman is anyone’s guess.

Historical details provide a wonderful backdrop to this story of romance and murder. Readers will particularly enjoy the creative weapon employed by Amity, the intricacies of the mystery plot that will keep everyone guessing as to the identity of the killer and the heated attraction between Amity and Benedict. If you love a good mystery with your romance, this one’s for you.

A Wedding by Dawn—the second historical romance from Alison DeLaine—opens with the introduction of Nicholas Warre, the handsome Lord Taggart. He is desperately in need of funds to save his estate, which he’s determined to secure by marrying a wealthy heiress. Although Lady India Sinclair is equally determined not to marry, her father has given his consent for her to marry Nicholas in return for a large sum of cash. The dice, it would appear, have been cast. But Nicholas soon learns that striking a bargain with her father and actually finalizing a marriage with India are two very different things. First he must find her. When Nicholas tracks India down to the Mediterranean, he discovers her dressed as a sailor and downing ale in a seaside tavern. After India starts a brawl, Nicholas fights his way out of the tavern—with bruises, yes, but also with India in hand. Victory seems within his grasp, but he quickly learns that nothing involving Lady Sinclair is ever easy. The two bicker their way across Europe and eventually back to England, after a brief wedding ceremony in Paris. Both are hiding secrets; both have vulnerable hearts; and both have fallen in love. If they can only bring themselves to cry peace and bare their souls, they may find happiness. However, the cost of exposure may be too high, even for these two brave and resourceful people.

In this tale of adventure and romance, two honorable, caring people are caught in circumstances that would doom a happy ending for any ordinary couple. But Nicholas and India are not just any hero and heroine. If ever a couple deserved a happily-ever-after, it’s India and Nicholas.

Best-selling author Victoria Alexander matches an American entrepreneur and an English lady in The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride. When widowed Lady Delilah Hargate joins her family at Millworth Manor to aid in the preparations for her sister’s wedding, she’s stunned to learn that the groom’s best friend is Samuel Russell, the man she spent one very enthralling night with in New York a few months ago. She thought she’d never have to see him again, but now that he’s here, she can’t stop thinking about him. Given that Samuel is a houseguest, Delilah can neither avoid nor ignore him. For his part, Samuel is delighted to be thrown into Delilah’s company. He hasn’t been able to forget their passionate night and plans to learn much more about the lovely Delilah during his stay. However, between wedding preparations, Delilah’s stubborn insistence that she is not in love with him and frustrating problems with an experimental motorcar, Samuel’s got his work cut out for him. Delilah is having her own problems. Although Samuel is not a man who fits her list of requirements for a husband, she can’t seem to keep herself from being utterly charmed by him.

This turn-of-the-century tale is filled with clever dialogue and simply wonderful characters. Readers will fall in love with the handsome, sexy Samuel and adore lovely, stubborn Delilah, while finding the historical snippets detailing the arrival of early motorcars in England intriguing.

Lois Dyer writes from her home in Port Orchard, Washington.

Spring has arrived and, with it, wedding season. Brimming with adventure, humor, danger, surprises, mystery and, of course, love, these four new nuptial-themed romance novels will surely send you swooning.

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The world of inspirational romance is filled with books that run the gamut of human emotion. We’ve chosen four inspirational titles that you’re sure to enjoy, so brew a pot of Earl Grey, find a comfy spot, curl up and settle in with one or all of these wonderful reads.

Bestselling author Julie Lessman’s Surprised By Love, the third book in The Heart Of San Francisco series, is set during the Gilded Age in San Francisco’s notorious Barbary Coast. The beloved daughter of a wealthy family, Megan McClare returns home after a long visit in Paris. The once shy, chubby, freckle-faced child has grown into a beautiful woman during her year in France. The change in her appearance is startling, and her childhood champion, Bram Hughes, is bowled over at first sight. He’s always adored Megan’s warmth and kindness; now, her stunning beauty makes him see her as a desirable woman as well. Megan is in love with Bram, but he holds her at arms-length, for his father is pressing Bram to marry another in order to seal a business deal and save the family business. Bram feels he cannot let his father down. Meanwhile, Megan tries to hide her disappointment and throws herself into her internship at the district attorney’s office. Heartbreak surely looms for this young couple if they cannot find solutions to the myriad of obstacles that keep them apart.

Lessman makes the Gilded Age come alive with Stanley Steamer cars, beaded bodices and Gibson Girl hairstyles. In this well-plotted story, Megan and Bram are admirable, strong characters that will have readers rooting for their happy ending.

The American West at the turn of the century is the setting for A Matter Of Heart by Tracie Peterson. Beautiful Jessica Atherton is the only daughter of a wealthy rancher in 1896 Texas. When the man she’d expected to marry weds another, Jessica finds herself questioning her assumptions about her world. What does she want from life? What character traits does she possess that she’s proud of? Does she want to marry? As she’s struggling with her view of herself, two men enter her life. One is a handsome lawyer who can give her the kind of privileged life she’s always known. The other, Austin Todd, is a Texas Ranger with a dark past and secrets in his eyes. Jessica finds herself drawn to Austin, as he is to her. While she ponders her future and her Christian faith, danger intrudes, and Austin must fulfill his duty. With his life at risk, their future is by no means assured.

Peterson paints a vivid picture of rural late-1800s Texas in this charming novel. The hero’s detective work adds an appealing bit of mystery and danger to the romance. Readers are certain to cheer for Jessica as she matures into a kinder, stronger, more compassionate woman.

Life among England’s privileged upper crust is explored in The Daughter of Highland Hall, the second in Carrie Turansky’s Edwardian Brides series. Sponsored by her difficult aristocratic aunt, lovely debutante Katherine Ramsey is in the midst of her first London season when a family scandal erupts. Fortunately for Katherine, she has a staunch supporter in medical student Jonathan Foster, her guardian’s brother-in-law. Jonathan is a man of strong Christian character and he loves Katherine, but he believes he would never be accepted as a suitor due to his lower social standing. Katherine, however, values Jonathan for his kindness, strength, commitment to medicine and his dedication to helping the poor. As they spend time together, she finds Jonathan’s wise counsel helps her work through her concerns about how God fits in her life.

This is a touching story of two honorable young people poised on the edge of their adult lives, giving thoughtful consideration to how they will spend the ensuing years. The details of upper class life in Edwardian London add color and texture to the story while secondary characters give the tale warmth and charm.

Christy Award winner Leslie Gould returns to Amish country in Becoming Bea, the fourth entry in her popular series, The Courtships of Lancaster County. Beatrice Zook is a homebody with no urge to travel; despite her sister’s protests, Bea stays behind when her family leaves Lancaster County on a trip to Montana. Bea has been hired to assist a local family overwhelmed with the birth of their triplets. Much to her surprise, she finds she has a talent for child-care, and being on her own allows her freedom to mature and become more independent. However, she still struggles with her difficult relationship with longtime friend and one-time beau, Ben Rupp. He knows all the buttons to push to spark her temper, but is the heat between them caused by annoyance or attraction?

Gould has created a warm community filled with interesting characters, while the details of daily life in the close knit Amish world near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, are intriguing. Readers will thoroughly enjoy this charming novel.

 Lois Dyer writes from her home in Washington State.


The world of inspirational romance is filled with books that run the gamut of human emotion. We’ve chosen four inspirational titles that you’re sure to enjoy, so brew a pot of Earl Grey, find a comfy spot, curl up and settle in with one or all of these wonderful reads
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Strong heroes have always been a fixture in romance novels, but lately, authors have been pushing readers’ comfort zones with bad boys who are off-the-charts wicked. We thought it might be fun to sample a few books from boundary-testing authors this month, so we suggest you read on, sigh and enjoy!

In Rough Justice by Sarah Castille, rival motorcycle gangs battle for supremacy in a Montana town. Growing up with her brother inside the world of the Black Jacks motorcycle gang, beautiful Arianne Wilder wants nothing more than to escape and live a normal life. But her father is the vicious leader of the gang; he believes he owns Arianne, and he refuses to let her go.

The Black Jacks are feuding with the Sinner’s Tribe, a rival gang ruled by ex-military warrior Jagger. When an arsonist torches the Sinner’s clubhouse and the gang discovers an unconscious Arianne at the scene, Sinner’s members demand her death in revenge. Jagger refuses, instead he keeps her safe. He doesn’t learn until a week later that the beautiful woman he captured and released is the daughter of his arch-enemy. Nevertheless, he won’t abandon her; he vowed to protect her, and there are far too many people who want her dead. Besides, he just happens to be falling in love with her.

Arianne knows her best chance of surviving is to remain under Jagger’s protection, but her brother needs her help. Whom will she choose and whom will she betray: her brother or Jagger?

The author has crafted an interesting plot with lots of action, mayhem and danger. When combined with the heated attraction between Arianne and Jagger—who are equally matched in brains and cool street smarts— and the intriguing details about life in the world of a motorcycle gang, the end result is a riveting story. Readers who like their romance with an edge and lots of action will adore Rough Justice and eagerly await the next book in this new series from Castille.

New York Times best-selling author Jay Crownover delivers another riveting read in her Welcome To The Point series with the second installment, Better When He’s Bold. Brysen Carter can barely juggle college classes, her job at a bar and protecting her little sister from their mother’s rapidly escalating alcoholic rages. She doesn’t have a spare moment to deal with the very dangerous, very handsome and all too sexy Race Hartman. Still, she can’t stop thinking about him.

Race knows the beautiful, cool blonde is out of his league. Brysen is a law-abiding citizen, and he’s breaking every law that won’t bend. But Brysen is a good friend to his sister, and fate keeps throwing the mismatched pair together. When someone targets Brysen and puts her life is in danger, Race steps in to protect her. While he has always wanted to sleep with her, he doesn’t want to admit that he needs far more from her than a one night stand.

Crownover brings her signature multi-layered characters with complex backstories to her latest novel. Both the hero and heroine are struggling to deal with less-than-noble parents while coping with vulnerable siblings and career challenges. Readers will surely cheer for this couple and their fight to reach a happy ending.

Samantha Young sets her latest novel, Hero, in the upper-class world of Boston society. After losing her mother three months prior, Alexa Holland has struggled to come to grips with harsh truths about her family. When she arrives for work at a photo shoot and sees powerful, rich and handsome Caine Carraway, she’s shocked. Caine makes a pass at her and she blurts out the truth: Her father is the man responsible for his mother’s death. Stunned and furious, Caine demands a different photographer and fires Alexa’s boss. In turn, her boss fires her. When Caine offers her a job, a desperate Alexa accepts, knowing full well that he plans to make her life miserable. Since she has to pay rent, however, Alexa feels she has little choice.

The two have unexpectedly off-the-charts chemistry, and before long, their love-hate relationship has added lust to the mix. Both strong-willed, honorable yet damaged people, Caine and Alexa struggle to find a balance between their two worlds. When Alexa is attacked, however, those worlds collide, and family secrets are revealed. The secrets have the potential to destroy any hope of a happy ending for them.

Hero is filled with emotional drama and witty exchanges between the hero and heroine as they fight to ignore and resist the attraction that pulls them together. Fans will be delighted with this latest story from Young.

Best-selling author Sarah McCarty continues her popular Hell’s Eight series with the seventh book in the series, Ace’s Wild. In a small town in 1860s Texas, gambler and Texas Ranger Ace Parker does his best to annoy elegant blonde schoolteacher Petunia Wayfield at every opportunity. He does it because, of course, he wants her—badly. She also makes him want things he’s never had, like a wife and a family. Things he’s convinced men like him can never have.

What Ace doesn’t know is that Petunia wants him just as much. He enthralls her, even while he’s irritating her, and she privately admits he stirs  “crave-it-no-matter-what lust” in her heart. When Petunia asks him for to help one of her young students, Ace strikes a bargain with her. He’ll help her in return for a kiss. The bargain seems simple enough, but there’s nothing uncomplicated about the way that kiss rocks both their worlds. Fate seems determined to entangle the two in a growing number of ways, despite Ace’s determination to stay away from Petunia. The whole town knows the two are meant to be together. The question is, how long will it take for them to stop fighting their inevitable pairing?

The dialogue in Aces Wild is a delight—sharp and insightful, often funny and wry. Both Ace and Petunia are endearing, strong and stubbornly independent. It’s a pleasure to watch these two struggle to come to terms with falling in love. The charming cast of supporting characters includes a loveable young boy, a practical ex-saloon-girl and Ace’s childhood friend. Readers are certain to love this latest entry in the series.

Lois Dyer writes from Port Orchard, Washington. 

Strong heroes have always been a fixture in romance novels, but lately, authors have been pushing readers’ comfort zones with bad boys who are off-the-charts wicked. We thought it might be fun to sample a few books from boundary-testing authors this month, so we suggest you read on, sigh and enjoy!
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Are you in the mood for a little suspense and mystery with your romance? These three titles have enough action and adventure to keep you on the edge of your seat, even as the hero and heroine find their way to a happy-ever-after. 

New York Times best-selling author Nora Roberts’ latest romantic suspense novel, The Liar, is a compelling, richly layered story. Readers are introduced to Shelby Foxworth, a beautiful young mother and wife. Her husband, Richard, went missing in a sailing accident and is presumed dead, leaving Shelby alone with their 3-year-old daughter, Callie, and abrupt widowhood. She soon learns that nearly everything she believed about Richard was a lie. Their wealthy lifestyle was a sham, and she is now in a mountain of debt. As she struggles to cope with these truths, each day seems to bring a new and disturbing revelation, such as the fact that Richard had more than one identity. Shelby decides to close down her life in Philadelphia and return to her family’s home in Tennessee. Her hometown welcomes Shelby and her daughter with open arms, and at last, Shelby feels relief from the uneasy dread that has stalked her since Richard’s disappearance.

Life in Rendezvous Ridge, Tennessee, is familiar and dear to Shelby, and here, she reconnects with friends and extended family. She is also increasingly drawn to Griff Lott, a relatively new resident of her hometown. Griff couldn’t care less about Shelby’s past, but he’s very interested in being an important part of her future. He adores her daughter, almost as much as he adores Shelby. But all is not sunshine and roses in Rendezvous Ridge, for it’s becoming increasingly clear that Shelby’s connection to Richard isn’t over. Her vanished husband’s secret life damaged people, and they want answers from Shelby—answers she doesn’t have.

Roberts’ well-known writing talent is evident as she creates a charming small-town setting and a well-rendered, warm family for the heroine. Paired with a solid suspense plot and a believable romantic relationship between Shelby and Griff, and the end result is an engrossing story that is certain to satisfy and delight Roberts’ longtime fans and new readers alike.

D. D. Ayres continues her K-9 Rescue series about cops and their puppy partners with Force Of Attraction. Policewoman Cole Jamison has moved on after her divorce from handsome agent Scott Lucca two years ago. She loves her current job and her adorable yet ferocious canine partner, Hugo, a 95- pound brindle Bouvier des Flanders. When she’s asked to join an undercover team to break up a drug smuggling ring that’s using then killing puppies, she’s eager to join. But then she discovers she’ll have to pose as one-half of a couple with her ex-husband. She refuses the job and walks away.

Scott is still in love with Cole and will do anything to get her back. It takes all his persuasive powers to convince Cole to join the undercover team, but it will take far more effort to make her believe that this time around, he’ll do whatever it takes to win and keep her.

Working undercover on the drug smuggling case is dangerous enough, but Scott soon discovers he’s being targeted. A member of the Pagan motorcycle gang went to jail after an earlier undercover operation, and he blames Scott. Scott’s skill as a cop will be put to the test in order to stop the Pagan biker from exacting his revenge.

There is much to like about this novel, especially the powerful emotional connection between Scott and Cole. The mystery plot is thoroughly enjoyable as well, and Cole’s adorable Bouvier and Scott’s chocolate Lab, Izzy, enhance the entire story.

Author Colleen Coble takes readers to a gorgeous island off the coast of Maine in The Inn At Ocean’s Edge. Claire Dellamare arrives at the Hotel Tourmaline in mid-May to join her CEO father for a work conference. Upon arrival, she immediately has her first ever full-blown panic attack. To her shock, she later learns that she has been to this hotel before, when she was only 4 years old. Twenty-five years earlier, she disappeared into the woods on the island, only to suddenly reappear a year later. She has no memory of this entire year, and her parents never told her about her disappearance.

Claire soon meets handsome Luke Rocco, a local resident whose family owns a cranberry farm. Eerily, his mother disappeared at the same time Claire went missing. Luke’s mother, however, never returned and is presumed dead.

These events set in motion an enthralling tale of mystery stacked upon mystery as the author takes readers on a tangled trail of family secrets, death and deception. Coble does a stellar job of keeping the reader guessing, and the ultimate revelations of secrets and villains are surprising and riveting. Fans of both suspense and romance will love this enthralling tale.

Lois Dyer writes from her home in Washington. 


Are you in the mood for a little suspense and mystery with your romance? These three titles have enough action and adventure to keep you on the edge of your seat, even as the hero and heroine find their way to a happy-ever-after
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A relatively recent entry to the romance field, New Adult stories feature heroes and heroines negotiating the tricky transition to independence after high school. These four recent releases perfectly capture the feeling of first love—and first heartbreak—that can define the early 20s.

In Cora Carmack’s All Played Out, Antonella “Nell” DeLuca has reached her senior year of college with near-perfect grades. Unfortunately, she’s been so focused on studying that her social life is non-existent. Determined to remedy the situation, she makes a bucket list of things she wants to do before graduation. First on the list: Hook up with a jock.

Football wide receiver Mateo Torres has a reputation for playing hard, both on and off the field. When he meets Nell and discovers her list, he’s determined to help her check off every item. But he didn’t expect to fall in love with her. When the list is completed, will Nell choose to stay?

This is the third novel in Carmack’s Rusk University series, and it’s a winner. The hero and heroine are both intelligent, endearing and funny, and they have enough past heartache to keep readers wondering if they will find a way to stay together.

Tiffany King launches her Fractured Lives series with A Shattered Moment. College sophomore Mackenzie Wilson is still struggling to cope with her broken heart a year after a car accident killed her friends and left her leg badly damaged. It’s all she can do to hobble to classes and focus on studying.

Bentley James sees Mackenzie on campus and immediately recognizes the pretty girl he pulled from the wrecked SUV a year before. She’s emotionally locked down and barely speaks, however, and it takes concentrated effort to slowly draw her out of her shell. Bentley knows he’s falling in love with her, but he also knows she may break his heart. Unless Mackenzie can face her past and come to terms with everything that happened that terrible night, she may never be able to love him in return.

King has given her fans a deeply emotional novel that addresses personal and family issues. Readers will root for Mackenzie and Bentley as they fall in love and make hard choices.

Trusting Liam continues best-selling author Molly McAdams Taking Chances and Forgiving Lies series. College senior Kennedy Ryan breaks every personal rule and spends an unforgettable night with a stranger. Tiptoeing out without waking him, she quietly leaves the Las Vegas hotel and goes home to Florida, but she can’t forget him. A year later, a threat against her detective father has her family insisting Kennedy and her younger sister spend several months in California. Much to her shock, her new boss’ son is the man from Las Vegas.

Liam Taylor is just as stunned as Kennedy. Like her, he’s never been able to forget their night together. He’s determined to keep her close, and this time, he won’t let her slip away. But Kennedy has a complicated history, and unless both she and Liam can come to terms with the past, they may never find a way to be together.

McAdams has created thoroughly likeable characters in Liam and Kennedy and surrounded them with a cast of interesting people. The plot has enough surprises to keep readers eagerly turning pages and fans will be delighted with this latest novel in the series.

Broken Juliet by Australian author Leisa Rayven is set in the world of the theater. Actress Cassie Taylor fell in love with fellow student Ethan Holt in college. Unfortunately, Ethan had deep-seated issues that compelled him to break up with her. He broke her heart and his own, as well. Several years later, they’re forced together once again when they land the lead roles in a Broadway play.

Cassie has never really recovered from losing Ethan, and much to her shock, he tells her that he’s never gotten over her either. But there is so much emotional trauma in their collective past—is it possible for them to look past it and move forward together.

The chemistry between Cassie and Ethan is steamy, their emotions raw and real. Rayven deftly juggles the lovers’ present-day relationship with their failed affair in college. Fans of the author’s debut novel, Bad Romeo, will be delighted with this sophomore offering.

Lois Dyer writes from Washington State.


Within the relatively new romance genre of New Adult, the heroes and heroines are focused on negotiating the tricky, independent years after high school. We’ve selected four New Adult romance novels that perfectly capture the feeling of first love—and first heartbreak—that is so definitive of one’s early 20s.
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Who doesn’t love a handsome guy wearing boots, jeans and a cowboy hat? There’s something romantic—and sexy!—about that iconic American image. This month, we’re featuring four heroes who epitomize the lure of cowboys for romance readers.

With more than 50 best-selling novels under her belt, author Johanna Lindsey returns readers to the American West with Wildfire In His Arms. Her latest novel features Degan Grant, whom readers met in One Heart To Win. The mysterious gunslinger is heading for California when a U.S. Marshal calls in a favor. Helping his friend sets Degan on a collision course with outlaw Max Dawson. Catching Max is the beginning of a most unusual journey, however, when Degan discovers that “Max” is really Maxine. The circumstances surrounding the beautiful blonde’s alleged crimes are highly suspect, and before long, Degan finds himself more protector than captor.

Try as she might at first, Max can’t escape Degan—but soon, she doesn’t really want to flee. She’s not the only one trying to outrun problems, however, for Degan has his own ghosts. How can two people with so many unresolved issues plan to build a future together? Can they hope for anything beyond surviving the dangerous present?

Practical, resourceful Maxie is a perfect match for the dangerous Degan. He’s never met a woman quite like her, and she’s never before found a man she can trust. Lindsey deftly paints the western setting with a sure hand as a backdrop to Degan and Maxie’s love story, which is fraught with danger and action. There are also many tender, heartwarming moments, which all adds up to a wonderful, satisfying read.

Oregon author Maisey Yates continues her Copper Ridge novels with Bad News Cowboy, the third installment in the popular series. Kate Garrett grew up with no mother, two brothers and an emotionally unavailable father. She’s capable, confident and accustomed to working with men, but has never been romantically interested in anyone. Until her brothers’ best friend and her childhood protector, Jack Monaghan, suddenly makes her feel restless in a way no one has before. But Jack is a heartbreaker who has never offered a woman anything more than a night of mutual pleasure. What chance does Kate have with a man who openly enjoys women but rejects anything hinting at a permanent relationship?

Unbeknownst to Kate, Jack is struggling to cope with the same issue. It isn’t until they share an unexpected kiss that the simmering attraction between them flares out of control. Now they have to find a way to balance their loyalty to Kate’s brothers with the undeniable pull of overwhelming sexual attraction.

There is much to like about this latest novel from Yates. The setting is vivid, the secondary characters charming, and the plot has depth and interesting twists. But it is the hero and heroine who truly drive this story. Readers will be fully absorbed in Kate and Jack’s struggle to come to grips with emotional scars that block their ability to love. Fortunately for romance fans, the ending is everything they could wish for.

New York Times best-selling author B.J. Daniels continues her Montana Hamiltons series with Lone Rider. Set in Montana’s rugged mountain ranch country, this novel continues the story of Senator Buck Hamilton’s family. The lovely Bo Hamilton manages a family philanthropic foundation for her father, the Senator. When she learns that thousands of dollars are missing, she immediately hires an independent auditor. While waiting for his report, she rides into the mountains for an overnight camping trip in search of peace and quiet. She never expected to be taken captive by a crazed, dangerous man.

When Bo doesn’t return home when promised, rancher Jace Calder agrees to search for her. He and Bo have quite the history—they’d dated, he’d proposed, and she’d backed out of the wedding. Although he would never admit it, he has never stopped loving her. Now, he’ll have to risk his life in order to keep them both alive.

This excellent romantic mystery has lots of twists and turns, with more than one tangled knot to unravel. The setting in Montana’s backcountry is vivid and realistic, the villains edgy and evil, and the romance between Jace and Bo emotionally satisfying. Readers will thoroughly enjoy this much-anticipated installment in the Hamilton family saga.

Best-selling inspirational romance author Debra Clopton delivers a charming new novel in her Four Of Hearts Ranch series, Counting On A Cowboy.

Abby Knightly badly needs a change of scenery, so she packs her belongings and heads for Wishing Springs, Texas. Night has fallen; she’s tired and barely five miles from her destination when she nearly runs into a steer and a cowboy. Terrified, she runs her car into a ditch.

Rancher Bo Monahan literally catches Abby when she staggers out of her wrecked vehicle and faints, and he finds himself reluctant to let her go. Which is why she’s with him the next day when he finds a baby on his front porch—a baby with a note that says the little boy named Levi belongs to him. Stunned, Bo hasn’t a clue what to do with the child. Fortunately, Abby seems to know how to cuddle and calm the sobbing baby. Despite knowing Bo is a confirmed bachelor, Abby is drawn to him in ways that may endanger her heart. But Abby can’t turn her back on the struggling new father and his son. Soon, caring for Levi has these two damaged people, each with dark pasts, pondering whether they might share a future filled with love.

Readers will cheer for Bo and Abby as the couple struggles to overcome their fearrs. The secondary characters add color and humor to the story, and fans of this series will thoroughly enjoy this latest novel from Clopton.

Lois Dyer writes from Port Orchard, Washington

Who doesn’t love a handsome guy wearing boots, jeans and a cowboy hat? There’s something romantic—and sexy!—about that iconic American image. This month, we’re featuring four heroes who epitomize the lure of cowboys for romance readers.

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