Most anticipated YA books of 2024

Young adult authors are shaping up to deliver plenty of magic—real or metaphorical—in 2024. While authors like Kacen Callender and Hafsah Faizal whisk us away to fantastical worlds, others such as Marissa Meyer and Alexene Farol Follmuth will keep us spellbound by tales set closer to home.
Available 1/02/2024

After the passionate, bestselling A Far Wilder Magic, Allison Saft is back with another entrancing fantasy—this time featuring an intriguing setting based on Regency England. Fans of “Bridgerton” will want to keep an eye out for A Fragile Enchantment, which follows Niamh Ó Conchobhair, a magical dressmaker who is hired by the kingdom of Avaland to serve as the tailor for a royal wedding. However, the job of dressing the beautiful but thorny prince Kit for his impending political union comes with far more complications than she could have ever expected. 

Available 2/06/2024
Full of smart dialogue, Infinity Alchemist moves with the kind of pace that will keep readers drawn in, but it is the overriding feeling of empathy that elevates this resonant fantasy.
Available 2/13/2024

Beloved for her enthralling science fiction, which includes The Lunar Chronicles series and the Renegades trilogy, Marissa Meyer also proved herself a cross-genre champion with Instant Karma, her bestselling (as usual) first rom-com. In With a Little Luck, she’s taking fans back to the coastal town of Fortuna Beach to meet Jude, whose ordinary life—working at his parents’ vinyl store, drawing comics and playing Dungeons & Dragons—is transformed when he finds a special 20-sided die that gives him incredible luck. But what happens when this luck runs out? 

Available 2/20/2024

With A Tempest of Tea, Hafsah Faizal plugs fully into the young adult fantasy zeitgeist, weaving serious themes into a fast-paced and thrilling heist story.

Available 3/05/2024

Holly Black captivated legions of fans with the Folk of the Air series, then she whisked them away once more to Elfhame with the Stolen Heir duology. The Prisoner’s Throne picks up where The Stolen Heir left off, switching to Prince Oak’s perspective as he struggles through the explosive consequences of his journey north with Wren.

Available 3/19/2024

Faridah Abiké-Iyimidé won a 2022 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work for her debut novel, Ace of Spades, a heart-pounding thriller about two Black senior class prefects at a prestigious private academy. So it’s with bated breath that we anticipate Where Sleeping Girls Lie, another mystery set at an elite school that promises just as many twists and turns, on top of Abiké-Iyimidé’s thoughtful, multilayered social commentary.

Available 4/02/2024

Zakiya Dalila Harris, Brittney Morris, Monica Brashears and more unite in this star-studded horror anthology of 15 stories about Black girls who face all sorts of terrors—and survive. Modern horror audiences are lucky to witness all the fresh, exciting ways in which the genre continues to evolve, and The Black Girl Survives in This One promises to push the “Final Girl” trope toward new horizons that will thrill and terrify readers. Bonus: Tananarive Due writes the forward.

Available 4/09/2024

Jonny Garza Villa brought a sweetly poignant voice to contemporary YA romance with their tender, nuanced novels Fifteen Hundred Miles From the Sun and Ander & Santi Were Here. In Canto Contigo, the ​​Pura Belpré Honor recipient tackles rivals-to-lovers romance as talented singer Rafael Alvarez moves to San Antonio for his senior year only to discover that his new school’s mariachi band already has someone occupying the coveted lead vocalist role: a very cute boy that Rafie happens to have met before.

Available 4/16/2024
By Darcie Little Badger, Illustrated by Rovina Cai

Darcie Little Badger’s incredible debut, Elatsoe, wowed us—and countless other review outlets—with its “unique and powerful” voice and protagonist Ellie’s “wonderful self-confidence,” as we wrote in our starred review. The upcoming prequel, Sheine Lende, focuses on Ellie’s grandmother, Shane, who must use her experience finding missing persons with ghost dogs to track down her own mother.  

Available 4/23/2024

In the sequel to Terry J. Benton-Walker’s much-lauded debut, Blood Debts, Cris and Clem Trudeau find themselves defending their recently won throne in a version of New Orleans that is alive with deadly magic. Tensions run high as mighty forces descend upon the siblings amidst murders, power plays and quests for revenge. Readers will look forward to seeing how Benton-Walker once again pulls off untangling a knot of intricate plotting.

Available 6/18/2024

In a starred review, we praised the “agile and cutting voice” of The Atlas Six, Alexene Farol Follmuth’s debut published under the pen name Olivie Blake. We’re eager to read her upcoming retelling of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, in which Viola is a high school student who finds solace in an online role-playing game called Twelfth Knight. She’s also the student body Vice President to football player Jack Orsino’s President. When her virtual avatar, Cesario, meets his Duke Orsino online, sparks fly in a rom-com as hilariously tangled as its source material.

Available 6/25/2024

Kalynn Bayron is bringing back her powers to revitalize another fairy tale (after bestselling Cinderella Is Dead) in her upcoming Sleep Like Death. In this reimagining of Snow White, Princess Eve has been trained since birth to fight with her magic in order to one day defeat an evil Knight who wields the power to grant wishes. Everything is not as it seems—starting with Eve’s mother, the Queen.

Available 7/30/2024

It would probably be easier to win the Hawthorne fortune than to ignore the blockbuster success of Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ Inheritance Games series, which has won over global audiences, having been translated into 31 languages. Barnes invites us back into another lavish competition with The Grandest Game, in which Avery Grambs is now a billionaire giving seven contestants their own chance to win a fortune and change their lives forever.

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