February 2013

Three women brought together by secrets

By Randy Susan Meyers
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Tia, Caroline and Juliette live in various neighborhoods and suburbs of Boston, but their worlds are farther apart than the miles would suggest. Tia works every day to rise above the hardscrabble circumstances of her youth. She’s a 20-something orphan, a single woman who is looking for a person to call her own.

Caroline is a pathologist who is deeply in love with both her work and her husband. She struggles, though, to feel at home in their sprawling, sterile McMansion and in her role as an adoptive mother to the couple’s daughter, Savannah.

Juliette seems to have it all: a thriving business, two smart sons and an attractive, loving husband. And then she stumbles upon a secret that her husband, Nathan, has hidden for years—one that connects these three very different women in surprising ways.

In The Comfort of Lies, the latest effort by best-selling author Randy Susan Meyers (The Murderer’s Daughters), hiding the truth proves no comfort at all. Meyers offers plenty of insight into each woman’s psyche as they struggle to untangle the web that has brought them together. By facing the realities of their lives and relationships, Tia, Juliette and Caroline come to terms with their challenges. Meyers’ carefully told story is a satisfying examination of the imperfect paths we all walk.

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The Comfort of Lies

The Comfort of Lies

By Randy Susan Meyers
ISBN 9781451673012

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