May 21, 2012

The new sleuth in town

By John Madormo
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Charlie Collier is smart. Really, really smart. Ask him a question like “How many of each animal did Moses take on the ark?” and he’ll be able to tell you in about five seconds that Moses didn’t take any animals on the ark, it was Noah. But solving problems like this is too easy for Charlie—in fact, it’s become downright boring. Charlie decides he wants to put his thinking skills to the test. So, just like his hero Sam Solomon, Private Eye, star of such thrilling books as The Bouncing Czechs Caper and The Going for Baroque Caper, Charlie decides to become Charlie Collier, Snoop for Hire. In The Homemade Stuffing Caper, the first book in a new series by John Madormo, Charlie teams with his best friend Henry to open his own detective agency—Charlie solves the mysteries, Henry makes sure they get paid.

Charlie and Henry are happy solving the little mysteries around town, making a little money and keeping Charlie’s brain going. His crazy grandmother thinks it’s a great idea as well. So does Eugene, the old man who volunteers at the library and loves Sam Solomon as much as Charlie. But Charlie’s parents don’t think it’s a good idea at all, and they try their best to end Charlie’s career. Even Charlie begins to doubt what he is doing when suddenly, his brain stops giving him all the answers!

Then, everything changes. Scarlett Alexander, the prettiest girl in Charlie’s grade and Charlie’s secret crush, hires him to find her grandfather’s parrot, Socrates. However, this case turns out to be much more than Charlie anticipates—in fact, it becomes a full-blown detective case filled with danger that puts Charlie to the test. The Homemade Stuffing Caper is an exciting mystery, full of jokes and puns, as well as brainteasers and lots of detective work. Charlie is not your usual hero and relies on an excellent supporting cast, including Henry, Scarlett and a few surprises as well. This may be the first mystery you don’t want the detective to solve, because you won’t want it to end!

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