July 08, 2011

A super guide for comics fans

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Anyone who likes to read comics knows that the characters, both good and evil, are numerous. Often the backstory of each superhero or villain is unknown or has changed dramatically since they first appeared in print. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a handy guide that gave a quick synopsis? Something you could flip through easily and find just what you were looking for?

Brandon T. Snider has put together just such a guide. Each page of DC Comics: The Ultimate Character Guide has an alphabetically listed character (over 200 of them) with a brief history, their nickname, a list of their vital statistics, a description of their powers, and, of course, a full-color picture and trivia. The “Vital Stats” include Real Name, Occupation, Height, Weight, Base, Allies, and Foes. There are even separate entries for the various teams like the Justice League of America and the Secret Six. The consistent layout aids in finding just the piece of information you need.

While each entry is short and lacks the depth that a more detailed guide might have, this book is a quick and handy must-have for any avid reader of the DC Comics universe.

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