April 01, 2011

A tale of fiery romance

By Nora Roberts
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Over the course of an amazingly productive career that’s made her a household name, author Nora Roberts has delighted romantic suspense fans with nearly 200 titles. After delivering so many consistently excellent novels, one might assume a writer could grow complacent. Ms. Roberts proves there’s zero chance of that happening with her latest, Chasing Fire. In a breath-stealing roller-coaster ride of romance, mystery and murder, La Nora reminds us why her books routinely appear at the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

In Chasing Fire, Rowan Tripp is both the daughter of a legendary smokejumper and an experienced firefighter in her own right. She’s looking forward to spending another summer working with the Zulies, an elite group of smokejumpers headquartered in Missoula, Montana. This is Gulliver Curry’s first season with the Zulies and the moment he meets Rowan, sparks fly. However, she has a hard and fast rule: never get romantically involved with fellow smokejumpers. Gull, however, is determined to make her rethink that decision. As they share long, grueling days of training and danger while fighting fires, their mutual admiration for each other’s character and professional abilities grows—as does the physical attraction that soon roars out of control between them.

Haunted by nightmares of her partner’s death in a fire the year before, the firefighting season has barely begun before Rowan discovers she faces a far more immediate danger. Someone is killing people and setting fires to cover up the crimes. Each of the victims is known to Rowan and it’s soon clear that she is being targeted. With Gull’s help, Rowan must search for a murderer at the same time the two are fighting monster forest fires. Gull is determined to protect Rowan, but the killer always seems to stay three steps ahead of them and danger lurks at every turn. Both Gull and Rowan know they must move quickly to solve the murders before they or one of their fellow Zulies become the next to die.   


Roberts knocks it out of the park with this latest novel, delivering enough thrills, chills, romance and mayhem to satisfy the most demanding reader. The dangerous life of the men and women who spend their days fighting forest fires provides an intriguing, colorful backdrop to the suspense and romance of Chasing Fire.


Lois Faye Dyer writes from her home in Port Orchard, Washington.

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Chasing Fire

Chasing Fire

By Nora Roberts
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