May 2010

A JENaissance for reality TV addicts everywhere

By Jen Lancaster
Review by
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To: Jen_Lancaster@home
From: Linda_Stankard@home
Subject: Review of your latest soon-to-be-bestseller

Hey Jen! I just wanted you to know that when I was first asked to review your latest book, I hadn’t read your other books and had a slight case of up-in-the-air nose (Shame Rattle!) concerning the subtitle: “One Reality Television Addict’s Attempt to Discover If Not Being A Dumb Ass Is the New Black, or a Culture-Up Manifesto” (being pretty much a TCM gal myself), but I totally loved My Fair Lazy and I am soooo bringing Bitter is the New Black, Bright Lights, Big Ass, Such a Pretty Fat and Pretty in Plaid to the beach this summer so I can laugh and tan at the same time and catch up on all the Jen I have heretofore missed! You’re hilarious! I know (from your book) that you already have plenty of pink drink pals, but if you ever need a new BFF . . . I’m there! And your “JENaissance” mission—to achieve a higher state of cultural enlightenment—is not only fun to read and inspiring, it also provides justification for indulging in all my guilty pleasures: theater, dance, music, movies, art—and the eating and drinking appropriately paired with them. (You are awesome at writing all things epicurean!) (I like this “growing” and “enriching” business!)

Some of my favorite parts of your book are: when you are in Chinatown for your book tour and the “wizened old woman” in the bakery who reminds you of “one of those dried apple-head dolls” bullies you, but it all ends well with a steamed pork bun; your dog Maisy’s “Agenda” (more Maisy!); your love of animals in general and how you and Fletch take in those three abandoned kittens; your experience in the small, intimate theater and the guy who feels it necessary to have his seat even though you are sitting in it (ha!); your setting fire to the curtains in your Four Seasons hotel room (how gauche! LOL!) and of course how you sprinkle emails and letters throughout and . . . dang, I could go on and on, but I had better get to the review. I’m sure your fans won’t need any encouragement, but if there are any would-be stragglers like me out there, I will be sure to set them straight!

P.S. Your blog at is cool too!



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