November 2010

Human history according to Jon Stewart

By The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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What's it about?
At some unspecified point in the future of our planet, the human race has been entirely wiped out. But there is still hope for life on Earth: Aliens have arrived and are sifting through the ruined remains of our societies, trying to figure out who we were, how we lived, what we believed . . . and just possibly, how to bring us back. Jon Stewart and his “Daily Show” crew have put together a guide to Earth in order to help these aliens understand us better. From birth announcements to the rituals surrounding death, from money to government to the length of time we were willing to wait for a baked potato, Earth: The Book covers the most important aspects of human history and culture with pictures, graphs, flowcharts, lists, quotes and more, in an attempt to convince the aliens that we are worth resurrecting.

Bestseller formula:
Snarky, irreverent humor + colorful website-style graphics

Favorite lines:
This is the genetic code for the mischievous twinkle behind George Clooney’s eyes. If you replicate nothing else, replicate this.

Worth the hype?
Absolutely! You'll get a kick out of Earth if you enjoy Stewart’s brand of humor.

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Earth (the book): A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race

Earth (the book): A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race

By The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Grand Central
ISBN 9780446579223

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