May 16, 2020

The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates

By Jenny Pearson
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Freddie is an 11-year-old British boy who loves facts. He recites them (sometimes at inappropriate times). He collects them. He wows people with them. But when his grandmother dies, he discovers a truly surprising fact: His father might be alive.

That discovery is enough to send Freddie and his BFFs on a rollicking, pound-foolish adventure across Wales to track him down. Along the way, they find themselves in one unlikely situation after another, stowing away overnight on a docked boat, accidentally setting fire to their clothes, entering an onion-eating contest, dashing around the country dressed as superheroes—all while stirring up hilarity and trying to stay one step ahead of some criminals. In short, keeping a low profile just isn’t in their DNA, and thankfully for readers, debut author Jenny Pearson has some truly comical calamities in store for Freddie and his friends.

Pearson’s pacing is precise, propelling readers from one escapade to another to see what the boys will get tangled up in next. Although Freddie’s mission is serious stuff, the detours he makes along the way are played for comedy while remaining grounded in the (mostly) plausible. The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates is the quest of a lifetime, with a generous helping of laugh-out-loud adventure and more than a pinch of heroism along the way.

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