November 05, 2019

A Constellation of Roses

By Miranda Asebedo
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Abandoned. Thief. Drifter. Trixie’s fine with those labels, and fine being on her own ever since her mother disappeared. But the state isn't fine with a homeless 17-year-old girl with a record of burglary. So her social worker offers Trixie a deal: She can avoid prison by finishing high school in the guardianship of her long-lost aunt.

Small-town life with the McCabe family is a big change for city-loving Trixie. Her cousin Ember is shy and withdrawn, her meddlesome great-great aunt is always matchmaking and her aunt bakes pies—Lucky Lime, Bracing Blueberry and Ardent Apple—that are known around town for their magical properties. And then there’s Jasper, the perpetually smiling delivery boy who just might take Trixie’s mind off Shane, who was supposed to be her source of stability amid the instability of her mother’s addictions.

Trixie settles into a routine of doing homework, working at her aunt’s tea shop and taking turns making dinner with her new family. But she’s had chances with families before and things have never worked out. Why should this time be any different?

All the McCabe women, she's told, have special gifts. How will Trixie use hers? Will she continue reaching for the past or put down roots in the present? In A Constellation of Roses, author Miranda Asebedo offers a tearjerker tale about the nature of love, the meaning of family and, of course, the magical powers of pie.

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A Constellation of Roses

A Constellation of Roses

By Miranda Asebedo
ISBN 9780062747105

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