August 27, 2019

The Good Thieves

By Katherine Rundell
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The award-winning author of Rooftoppers and Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms, Katherine Rundell is no novice at penning romps of adventure, and The Good Thieves is sure to carry on her tradition of capturing the hearts and imaginations of readers of all ages.

Vita Marlowe has always longed for adventures, but they can be hard to come by, due to her small stature and a bout of polio as a young child. Well-meaning adults are always telling her to “slow down” and “take care.” So when her grandfather’s family estate is swindled away by Sorrotore, a powerful, crooked businessman, Vita doesn’t hesitate to throw all of her strength and wits into concocting a plan to get it back, no matter the danger.

Before long, she’s assembled a ragtag group of accomplices, among them a pickpocket, an aspiring acrobat and a gifted animal charmer. With their help, Vita feels ready to steal back what rightfully belongs to her grandfather and put the smile back on his face. But with Sorrotore and his minions lurking around every corner, will this group of unlikely vigilantes be able to pull off their heist while avoiding disaster?

Prohibition-era New York serves as a gritty and glittering backdrop for this story of family loyalty and moral thievery. Fast-paced and sharply written, with a generous dose of heart and humor, Rundell’s fifth novel will appeal to readers with a penchant for grand escapades, a strong sense of justice and a soft spot for the underdog.

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The Good Thieves

The Good Thieves

By Katherine Rundell
Simon & Schuster
ISBN 9781481419482

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