September 2019

Have a Little Faith in Me

By Sonia Hartl
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Dumped shortly after finally having sex, CeCe is determined to win back her born-again boyfriend. She decides to follow him to Jesus camp in order to prove she’s exactly the kind of girl he needs in his life. There’s just one problem: CeCe knows nothing about Jesus. Her best friend, Paul, goes to camp with her to help her play the game without getting caught, but everything goes awry when CeCe learns that her ex is dating one of her cabin mates. As CeCe scrambles to win back her boyfriend, learning more about herself, her feelings and her friendship with Paul, she realizes that what she wanted may not be what she needs after all.

Have a Little Faith in Me is a romantic comedy that explores feminism and comprehensive sex education against the backdrop of a conservative religious summer camp. First-time author Sonia Hartl tackles all of these topics and more with finesse—always candid, always open-minded and very rarely heavy-handed. 

CeCe and her cabin mates ask questions about sex and love that many young readers will already have on their minds, and Hartl answers them in a way that is both gentle and empowering. And through Paul, she gives young readers a role model for how we should treat one another and expect to be treated in romantic relationships.

Hartl’s debut is a powerful read for teens who are beginning to explore romantic relationships and sexuality.

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Have a Little Faith in Me

Have a Little Faith in Me

By Sonia Hartl
Page Street
ISBN 9781624147975

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