August 07, 2018

Henry wants to believe

illustrated by Russell Ayto
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British children’s book illustrator Russell Ayto charms in his debut as both author and illustrator in Henry and the Yeti.

Young Henry is more than fond of yetis. He loves yetis. But do yetis even exist? No one knows for sure, not even Henry’s father.

So Henry decides to go on an expedition to find a yeti. He asks the school principal for permission to make the trip, and the principal—a yeti skeptic—approves Henry's plan, but tells him to bring back evidence. When the principal announces Henry's plan to the rest of his schoolmates, they laugh and mock him.

Undaunted, Henry packs his compass, telescope, hammock and climbing rope and sets off.

Henry begins his long journey by following a sign pointing to the mountains and peaks where the yetis live. All the while, he follows his father’s one admonition, “No staying up late.” For days, Henry scales one mountain after another but finds nothing. Not a single suspicious footprint.

Having seen no signs or tracks, Henry begins to have doubts. He considers heading home.

Luckily, at last, Henry stumbles upon his yeti, who is much bigger and friendlier than expected. All goes well until Henry realizes he has left his camera behind. But Henry's new yeti friend might just help him save face with the skeptics back at school.

With Henry and the Yeti, Ayto’s spare text and clever drawings take young readers on an epic romp across the world in search of something to believe in.

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Henry and the Yeti

Henry and the Yeti

illustrated by Russell Ayto
ISBN 9781681196831

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