August 22, 2017

Beauty and the duke

By Tessa Dare
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Love tames the beast in Tessa Dare’s refreshing romance between a vicar’s daughter and a war-scarred duke.

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Love tames the beast in Tessa Dare’s refreshing romance between a vicar’s daughter and a war-scarred duke.

A duchess-to-be breaks off her engagement to the Duke of Ashbury (Ash to his friends) because of the burn scars that cover his body. The situation is not only a blow to his manhood, but also puts him at a disadvantage since it is imperative for him to have an heir to his estate. Unaware of Ash’s unfortunate circumstances, seamstress Emma Gladstone, who was never paid for creating an elaborate wedding gown for the upcoming bride, makes an audacious move by showing up at Ash’s doorstep dressed in the ornate garment to ask for her money. Ash takes advantage of the serendipitous moment by countering Emma’s demands with an unusual proposition—he’ll make her a duchess. What Emma and Ash don’t expect is for romance to enter into the picture.

Candid and hilarious dialogue abounds in this slow-burning, steamy read. Dare’s attention to emotional detail creates driving sexual tension between her headstrong yet damaged leads. She utilizes Emma’s low social status and gender to shine a light upon the flaws of the wealthy and powerful—creating a clear contrast between the prestigious, cold facade Ash attempts to display to the world and the truth of a man marred by cynicism even before his injuries. This clash is especially noticeable during the burgeoning romance between Emma and Ash, as their disparate life experiences heavily influence their respective views on love and relationships.

With her light touch and sparkling humor, Dare effortlessly weaves in social commentary alongside the perfectly crafted love scenes and declarations of affection, making The Duchess Deal a novel that is bound to become a new favorite among romance buffs.

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The Duchess Deal

The Duchess Deal

By Tessa Dare
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