November 29, 2016

Earning your wings

By Sandra Hill
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Sandra Hill returns to her Deadly Angels paranormal romance series with Good Vampires Go to Heaven, in which a battle between good and evil is heralded by a double agent vampire demon determined to earn his wings and the vampire angel sent to help him.

Zeb is thousands of years old, a hybrid breed of vampire and demon dubbed Lucipires. His role is turning sinners into beings like him, filling the ranks and growing their numbers to fight against the good guys—the vampire angels. However, Zeb has been playing both sides of the field, secretly working with the Archangel Michael. More than anything, Zeb wants to earn a pair of wings and no longer be considered evil. But when his deception is discovered, Zeb is tossed into a fortified demon dungeon.

Enter Regina, a vampire angel—or Vangel—on a mission to bust Zeb out of prison. He’s an asset to the cause, and the Vangels want Zeb on their side. Not only does Regina perform a successful prison break, she also gets more than she bargained for as she releases three quirky, witchy Lucipires along with Zeb. However, no one could have guessed that their actions will spark the ultimate battle of good and evil.

An amazingly tense will-they-or-won’t-they romance.

Though technically Zeb is a card-carrying member for the bad guys, his earnestness and quest for goodness will have readers rooting for him every step of the way. His frustration is palpable once he gets locked away, worried that the Lucipires will win and all his work will have been for nothing. Regina is a perfect partner for Zeb. She is powerful, confident and hoping to prove her worth to Archangel Michael.

Both Zeb and Regina have a sneaking suspicion there’s more to their meeting, believing they’re each other’s life mates. But with the enemy breathing down their neck, it’s never quite the right time to explore their chemistry, leading to an amazingly tense will-they-or-won’t-they romance.

Fans of the Deadly Angels series will be happy to see characters from the previous books, though readers new to Sandra Hill’s paranormal romances won’t have any trouble being swept away in this action-packed, supernatural adventure. With a strong hero and heroine, entertaining secondary characters and a death-defying battle between good and evil, Good Vampires Go to Heaven is definitely a romance with bite. 

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