March 31, 2015

Life and love on the line

By Jennifer L. Armentrout
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New York Times best-selling author Jennifer L. Armentrout returns to her Wait for You series with another suspenseful installment. Fall with Me is a New Adult romance about risking second chances, overcoming misunderstandings and learning how to heal.
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Jennifer L. Armentrout returns to her popular Wait for You series with a suspenseful and sexy New Adult romance about taking second chances and learning to heal. 

Bartender and burgeoning artist Roxy has loved Reece for years. She was there for him when they grew up, when he came back from serving in the Marines and after a particularly harrowing event while he was on duty as a police officer. But the implications of a one-night stand together put an awkward strain on their once strong friendship. With the tension increasing between them as the elephant in the room goes ignored, a painful reminder from Roxy’s past returns, and a killer begins terrorizing women in the area.

The way Reece and Roxy dance around each other will have readers biting their nails in anticipation.

Both Roxy and Reece have their own demons to address, and it’s a great juxtaposition to see how they handle various situations with their very different attitudes. Reece is protective, honest and oh-so-earnest in everything he does. Meanwhile, Roxy is the definition of quirky and fun, and it’s hard not to smile every time she’s talking.

However, Roxy’s carefree demeanor hides a deep loss. Her best friend was the victim of a hate crime that left him in the care of a facility, unable to speak or do anything on his own. Henry, the man responsible, has just been released from prison, bringing Officer Reece back into Roxy’s life after nearly a year of avoiding one another. Add in a man targeting and attacking women in town, and discussing the repercussions of their night together isn’t a priority for Reece and Roxy, despite the fact that their attraction is becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

Though Fall with Me is the fourth book in the Wait for You series, Armentrout does a flawless job of introducing previous characters and setting the scene without that pesky feeling of being left out. The way Reece and Roxy dance around each other—flirting and toeing that line of no-going-back—will have readers biting their nails in anticipation as both characters strive to peel back each other's layers of guilt and grief. There’s no shortage of page-turning action, either. As Henry tries to make amends with Roxy for the pain he’s caused, the very serious threat of a murderer is making headlines in the news. Whether readers are new to Armentrout or longtime fans, this passionate, heartfelt romance is sure to satisfy .

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Fall With Me

By Jennifer L. Armentrout
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