November 2000

Get it together

By Julie Morgenstern
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Time Management From the Inside Out is the latest book from popular organizing guru Julie Morgenstern. She's appeared on Oprah, National Public Radio and a host of other shows to talk about her unique approach to organizing work and home spaces. But who wants to read another super-organized Martha Stewart-type giving the rest of us tips on time management? Here's the catch: Morgenstern is one of us. Before she changed her ways, she was messy, disorganized and late for everything. The author describes a day when she wanted to go for a walk with her newborn baby. She started to collect the things they needed to go outside. Two hours later she was ready, but baby had waited long enough, filling the air with screams of hunger and exhaustion. New mom Morgenstern was ready to scream herself. What she did instead was change her habits and create organized time for herself. After reading this book, you'll know you can, too. If you can't get a task done, Morgenstern says, you may be the wrong person for the job. Learn to delegate to ease time pressures. Or maybe the task you've set for yourself is overly complex. Learn to simplify your work and break large projects into smaller steps. If you are constantly being interrupted during tasks, or have a disorganized partner, confront the offender. After all, you only have so much time in your day.

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