September 05, 2013

Time will tear us apart

By Cristin Terrill
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Somewhere in the future, Em and her best friend Finn are imprisoned in adjacent cells and subjected to torture at the hands of a man called “the doctor.” Inside the drain in her cell, Em finds a piece of paper written in her own handwriting. Two things are clear: Time travel is possible, and the only option is to kill “him.” With the help of a guard, Em and Finn escape from their prison and access a time machine to take them four years into the past, where their actions could prevent a world war. In the days before impending disaster, Em and Finn’s loyal friendship may be the only thing strong enough to take on the untouchable doctor.

Four years earlier, Marina is the typical girl next door in love with her cute neighbor, James, made all the cuter because he has remained clueless for years. Things look like they may be finally falling into place for James and Marina, but life begins unraveling when tragedy strikes. Someone tries to kill James’ brother, and James struggles to discover the secrets behind the assassination attempt. Marina wants to be there for James, but standing beside him is not always a safe place to be. As the future begins catching up with James and Marina, they will be forced to grow up quickly, but they may not like what they discover about themselves. Love and friendship bind them, but is anything permanent with the invention of a time machine?

Great time travel stories are rife with spoilers, so little more of the plot can be shared. Cristin Terrill’s fast-paced debut novel, All Our Yesterdays, is a multilayered tale that goes beyond entertaining. Incorporating the paradoxes of time travel, evil doctors and secret government operations, this novel has a bit of everything for any reader seeking adventure.

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All Our Yesterdays

All Our Yesterdays

By Cristin Terrill
Disney Hyperion
ISBN 9781423176374

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