July 08, 2013

Keeping a madman behind bars

By Koethi Zan
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Sarah and Jennifer believed that to be informed was to be prepared, so they became versed in all of the statistics of threatening situations and created a list of things to never do. They strictly followed the list until one night in college when they got in a car with a stranger—a devastating choice that led to five years of unspeakable torture, as Sarah and Jennifer were held captive with two other girls in an unforgiving cellar.

A former victim confronts old fears in this disturbing abduction thriller.

Ten years later, Sarah is trying to live with the realities of what happened, including the loss of her best friend and the fact that her former captor is up for parole in four months. He has been sending letters from jail to the three surviving girls, and Sarah believes that there is more to these letters than the mindless ramblings of a madman. She is determined to find evidence to keep her tormentor in jail and put her own mind to rest.

Following the directions of a maniac and piecing together pieces from the past, Sarah finds herself on a journey that is far removed from the sanctuary she has been hiding in for the last 10 years. Her search is interrupted by flashback chapters, slowly revealing the gruesome nature of Sarah’s years in captivity, and readers will experience the uneasy horrors of Sarah’s past as she works her way through a psychopath’s mind in search of her best friend's body. The fact that the evil man is still in jail slightly dilutes the story’s suspense, but all is not as it appears: Someone is doing his work for him, and Sarah risks getting in the way. Conflicts encountered along the way are quickly resolved, but the constant twists and turns will keep readers guessing until the end.

This story is a twisted tale of a courageous woman trying to make sense of a madman’s mind, but in her darkest moments, Sarah will be surprised by her own strengths and weaknesses. In addition to the terrifying moments, Sarah’s story is one of friendship, trust and the search for truth. For readers looking for a psychological thriller, The Never List will be hard to beat.

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The Never List

By Koethi Zan
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