April 18, 2012

7 questions with . . . Suzanne Brockmann

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There’s a special place in romance columnist Christie Ridgway’s heart for the love stories of Navy SEALs, so when one is chosen as Romance of the Month, it’s the crème de la SEAL crème.

Suzanne Brockmann’s Born to Darkness, the first book in a new paranormal romantic suspense series, is the April 2012 Romance of the Month. The tension between an ex-SEAL and a super-human hottie is “sexy and suspenseful” and “will draw readers into a world of frightening evil and heroic action.”

Brockmann chatted with BookPage about movies, writing and attractive Vulcans.

Describe your book in one sentence.
In a story set several decades in a very dark future, a group of people—including a blacklisted former Navy SEAL and an angry young woman with super-human powers—embark on the rescue of a kidnapped little girl.

What are the hottest scenes to write?
For me, it’s all about the dramady. Combining suspenseful scenes with both comedy and dramatic tension—those are the scenes that I really love writing.

Of all the characters you’ve ever written, which is your favorite?
Those honors go to Robin Chadwick, a young actor who won the heart of my other favorite character, a kickass, openly gay FBI agent named Jules Cassidy. I’ve got a new Jules & Robin short story called Beginnings and Ends coming out in all e-formats on June 1st!

What is your favorite movie based on a book?
Well, I really, really enjoyed The Hunger Games, but I’d have to say that The Princess Bride still holds my book-to-movie translation award. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that both book and movie were written by the incredible William Goldman.

How do you conquer writer’s block?
Writer’s block? What’s that?

If you were stranded on a desert island with one fictional character, who would you want it to be?
Mr. Spock. (And I’ll take him as played by either Leonard Nimoy or Zachary Quinto. Both versions rock.)

What are you working on next?
Right now, I’m finishing up a collection of short stories featuring characters from my Troubleshooters universe, called Headed for Trouble. It’ll be out in paperback and all e-formats from Ballantine books in early 2013.

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