Speak, Okinawa

Elizabeth Miki Brina searches for whether love can heal a family traumatized by racism and colonization in her moving memoir, Speak, Okinawa.

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Review of ‘Speak, Okinawa’

The Japanese word sumimasen means “I’m sorry” as well as “thank you.” This concept perfectly describes Speak, Okinawa, a memoir by Elizabeth Miki Brina.

Brina’s father was a privileged, white American soldier when he met her mother, a nightclub hostess in Okinawa, Japan, who longed to marry up and out of a difficult life. They…

Interview with Elizabeth Miki Brina

Elizabeth Miki Brina shares some of the joys and difficulties behind her memoir, Speak, Okinawa, about whether love can heal a family traumatized by racism and colonization.

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