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Interview with Amanda Bouchet

After wrapping up her fabulous debut series, The Kingmaker Chronicles, one would forgive Amanda Bouchet for resting on her laurels. After all, she not only succeeded in writing a near-universally acclaimed trilogy, but that trilogy also happened to be a rare (at the time, at least) combination of fantasy and romance. But instead of trying her hand at a more conventional genre, or staying within her already established fantasy world, Bouchet has returned with an even more ambitious work—the sci-fi romance Nightchaser. We talked to Bouchet about crafting her new fictional universe and why everything is better with a cat.

Featuring ‘Nightchaser’

Romance: January 2019

Brace for adventure when reading Amanda Bouchet’s Nightchaser, the first in a new sci-fi romance series. Captain Tess Bailey is on the run, having stolen a valuable, dangerous serum from a conformist galactic government that brutally insists on order and restraint. Finding temporary refuge after a particularly close call, the captain meets cocky and charming Shade Ganavan, who says he can provide much-needed repairs to her ship and perhaps some personal diversion, as Tess is weary of always watching over her shoulder. But danger is headed their way—will Shade prove to be ally or foe?

Featuring ‘Nightchaser’

The 11 best romance novels of 2019 (so far)

This year, I tried to make my life easier by keeping a running list of my favorite romances. Foolishly, I thought this would make pulling this list together a painless process. It didn’t.

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