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Review of ‘Metropolis’

Philip Kerr has left the literary world a parting gift that will not only resonate with longtime readers but should indoctrinate a new legion of fans to his Bernie Gunther detective series. Metropolis, the final novel Kerr wrote before his untimely death a year ago after a brief bout with cancer, takes readers back to…

Review of ‘Metropolis’

Elizabeth Gaffney, a contributing editor to The Paris Review, has written an immigrant's song of a first novel. Metropolis is a paean to the city of New York, a bygone era and the perseverance of the human spirit.

Set in the turbulent years following the Civil War, this ambitious historical novel tells the…

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Stunning maps tell humanity's story
Who among us hasn’t used Google Maps to get a detailed aerial survey of our neighborhood, right down to the tricycle in the driveway? We no longer need anything as old-fashioned as a map to navigate our world. Or do we? We may think we’re getting the whole story with our digital access to up-to-the-minute street scenes, but no satellite image delivers the artistic elegance and historical context of the maps reproduced in these four gorgeous collections. 

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