The Best Audiobooks of 2023

In each of these 12 outstanding audiobooks, impeccable narration makes a great story even more absorbing.

Patrick Bringley’s soft-spoken narration reflects his years of humbly observing and interacting with the Met, the works it houses, the people who serve it and the visitors who explore it.

Anne Lamott knows that storytelling is an essential mark of our humanity, and her urgency and passion resonate throughout this inspiring recording.

Harrison Scott Key’s deadpan delivery reading How to Stay Married makes the wisecracks all the more hilarious and bitter, and the heartbreak all the more aching.

Jessica George’s words and Heather Agyepong’s voice encourage listeners to approach Maame with openness, and as they melt into this complicated world, they will discover a riveting story.

Even when discussing unsavory hot dog-related topics, there’s something irresistible about Jamie Loftus’ narration, which is often incredibly funny.

Tracy Kidder’s narration of Rough Sleepers (with a Boston accent that he dials up and down as needed) adds further intimacy to the book’s very personal stories. It feels almost like we’re riding along in the van with Jim O’Connell as he checks on his patients.

Tara Flynn’s nuanced narration and terrific comic timing results in an audiobook that is as wise as it is hilarious.

Daniel Wallace’s tale of loss, anger and absolution is painful yet redemptive, and Audie Award winner Michael Crouch’s sensitive and convincing narration gently leads the reader toward Wallace’s reconciliation with a beloved friend.

Eunice Wong’s repertoire of delicious voices celebrates the patchwork of cultures and personalities in this thoroughly moving, heartwarming story about finding friendship and creating family.

Voice actor Isabella Star LaBlanc returns for an encore after her powerful performance of Angeline Boulley’s bestselling, award-winning debut novel, Firekeeper’s Daughter.

By Kelly Link, Narrated by a full cast

In the audiobook of Kelly Link’s story collection, the fact that a bear might be telling a story matters far less than the story being told, and therein lies the wonder of a fairy tale.

By R.F. Kuang, Narrated by Helen Laser

Helen Laser’s performance of R.F. Kuang’s frantic, defensive first-person narrator will make it difficult for readers to turn away from this scandalous story.