Reach more patrons with a digital subscription to BookPage

Save 10% with a print & digital subscription bundle!

The digital edition of BookPage includes the following features:

  • Custom, co-branded landing page
    Includes your library’s logo, the latest issue of BookPage and links to the 12 previous issues. Customize the introductory text on the page to match your library’s personality!
  • Effortless one-time setup
    BookPage does all the work! Submit your library logo and custom text, and we create the landing page for you.
  • No technical maintenance
    Your digital edition landing page is automatically updated with the most recent issue of BookPage each month. The URL never changes, and patrons can access the page from anywhere without the hassle of login credentials.
  • Promotional materials
    BookPage provides graphics, marketing text and a QR code for you to feature on social media, in your library, in newsletters and on your website, making it easy to raise patron awareness and drive traffic to your custom digital edition.
  • Monthly analytics reporting
    BookPage provides a monthly page traffic report to your designated account contacts.

View an example of a customized digital edition.


Digital subscriptions are priced according to the number of active cardholders.

  • Fewer than 10,000 cardholders = $500 annually
  • 10,001 – 99,999 cardholders = $.05 per cardholder annually
  • More than 100,000 cardholders = $5,000 annually

Use the calculator below to estimate the cost of a digital subscription, either as a stand-alone product or bundled with a print subscription.

Save 10% by bundling print & digital subscriptions!

Use the form calculator below to estimate the cost for an annual subscription. Please contact us with any questions.


I read it because our customers love it. We need to have all the titles in BookPage, because it creates demand, and that’s a good thing!

Wendy B., Cuyahoga County Public Library

I pay attention to the items in BookPage because our patrons do. I am thankful for a publication that pulls out such a nice selection every month.

Jennifer W., Wellfleet Public Library

[BookPage] is one of my favorite resources for quick, easy access to upcoming titles to be excited about. I refer to this for book club selections too.
Erin K., Asotin County Library

BookPage gives me reviews I trust in a fun and attractive format. It is popular with our patrons, I make sure to purchase items you have reviewed.

Brooke G., Redford Township District Library


Print subscriptions are available in any increment of 50 copies (50 copies is the minimum) and are billed annually. Pricing for the most common quantities are listed below:

  • 50 copies/mo – $402 annually
  • 100 copies/mo – $720 annually
  • 150 copies/mo – $1,080 annually
  • 200 copies/mo – $1,440 annually
  • 500 copies/mo – $2,700 annually
  • 1,000 copies/mo – $4,800 annually

The digital edition is priced at $.05 per active cardholder; the min. annual price is $500 and the max. annual price is $5,000.

Yes! Customers subscribing to both the print and digital editions of BookPage receive a 10% discount off the total annual cost.

Both print and digital subscriptions are billed annually, per 12 issues of BookPage.

Yes! You can add a digital subscription at any point in your print subscription term. We will send you a prorated invoice for a digital subscription lasting until your print subscription renewal. At your next annual renewal, you will be invoiced for both print and digital subscriptions together.

Yes! Library systems can subscribe for all or some of the branches within their system. For print subscriptions, we offer complimentary shipping to a single location. Library systems with multiple locations are welcome to internally distribute copies of BookPage among their branches.

For digital subscriptions, the subscribing library system provides an accurate total number of cardholders for all participating branches and the price is based on this total. Incorrect cardholder reporting may result in suspended or canceled access to the digital edition.

BookPage provides promotional materials (graphics, marketing text and QR code for you to feature on social media, in your library, in newsletters and on your website) to assist in generating traffic to the landing page.