April 18, 2023

6 scrumptious foodie romances

Love stories that are delicious in more ways than one.
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Down Home Cowboy

New York Times bestselling author Maisey Yates adds another entry to her wildly popular Copper Ridge series with Down Home Cowboy.

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Accidentally Engaged

Farah Heron’s Accidentally Engaged is mouth-watering romantic comedy that layers on tropes like a buttery, flaky dough.

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Hana Khan Carries On

In Uzma Jalaluddin’s sophomore novel, Hana Khan Carries On, a Muslim woman tries to keep her family’s halal business afloat while finding comfort in creating ...

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Love & Other Disasters jacket

Love & Other Disasters

The only bad thing about Love & Other Disasters is that even after you’ve gorged on the whole thing, it’ll leave you wanting more.
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A Proposal They Can’t Refuse

A Proposal They Can't Refuse is a mouthwatering delight with cooking as foreplay and two romantic leads worth rooting for every step of the way.
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