What's in the beach bag?

Introduction will go here, something about travel, or not traveling, or a beach bag, or getaways….
Book jacket image for Ice by Amy Brady


Amy Brady uses commentary from food writers, scientists and physicians to illuminate how something as commonplace as ice came to shape America’s history and culture.

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Book jacket image for My Murder by Katie Williams

My Murder

With a singular voice and a winning narrative that will stay with you for days, My Murder speaks to the construction of the self.

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Book jacket image for Raw Dog by Jamie Loftus

Raw Dog

Comedian Jamie Loftus takes readers on a hot dog-sampling road trip that is by turns eye-opening and gut-clenching, hilarious and poignant, scatological and existential.

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Book jacket image for Wannabe by Aisha Harris


When Aisha Harris applies her journalistic scrutiny to the subversive pop culture icons who shaped her millennial upbringing and worldview, the magic of Wannabe comes alive.

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