May 21, 2012

Rescued by the creatures of the forest

By John Claude Bemis
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All of us have felt like an outcast at some time—at home, in school, around friends. In The Prince Who Fell From the Sky, the newest book from John Claude Bemis, Casseomae struggles with that feeling. Although she raised the chief of her clan, the other members treat her with fear and call her a witch, forcing her to live apart from the rest of them. If you feel like this sounds like a lot of books, you would be right, except for one thing—Casseomae and her clan are bears. In fact, the entire book is told from the point of view of the forest animals.

Casseomae has led a difficult life, living on her own, raising the orphan cub that grew to be chief while never being able to have cubs of her own. As the story begins, a pack of coyotes chase a rat into Casseomae’s den, and the rat, Dumpster, becomes Casseomae’s companion. Together, they go investigate when a huge . . . something . . . falls and crashes into the forest.

It has been many years since the animals of the forest, led by the Ogeema (wolves), rose up against the Skinless Ones (humans) and took back the world. However, when Casseomae and Dumpster arrive at whatever it is that has fallen from the sky, they discover that not all of the human race had been wiped out. There are two dead humans inside the airplane and, most surprising, one living human boy who climbs out.

Casseomae makes a split-second decision to save the boy from the approaching coyotes and wolves and to help him survive. With Dumpster and Pang, a shabby dog who invites himself on their journey, Casseomae is determined to take the boy across the forest to what she hopes is safety. Full of action, mishaps and humor, The Prince Who Fell From the Sky is perfect for animal lovers and adventure lovers alike.

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The Prince Who Fell From the Sky

The Prince Who Fell From the Sky

By John Claude Bemis
Random House Children's
ISBN 9780375867521

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