June 2012

Fleeing an ex-lover’s obsession

By Elizabeth Haynes
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Every woman has an ex-lover she would rather forget. Catherine Bailey knows the feeling all too well: Prior to Lee Brightman, Catherine was carefree, with a tight circle of friends, and enjoyed frequent nights out on the town filled with dancing, drinking and the occasional tryst. When she attracts the attentions of sexy and captivating Lee, she cannot believe her luck. But as their relationship deepens, Lee’s dark side begins to emerge, leaving Catherine unbalanced, alone and fearing for her life.

Years after their relationship has violently ended, Lee has made indelible marks on Catherine’s body and her mind. Suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder wrapped in a layer of post-traumatic stress disorder, she is ruled by constant anxiety and compulsive behaviors that keep her locked away from the rest of the world, chained down better than any torture Lee could have devised. Catherine has long felt that no matter how far she runs, she will always carry Lee with her and that it is only a matter of time before he finds her.

Elizabeth Haynes has made quite an entrance into the world of literary thrillers: Into the Darkest Corner was named Amazon U.K.’s Best Book of 2011 and the film rights have already been purchased. The acclaim is well earned, as Haynes is a master at building tension to unbearable heights, and her thorough and thoughtful exploration of the psychological fallout of abuse adds a unique layer to the story. Having worked as an intelligence analyst for the police, Haynes mines her extensive experience to write with an authority and vividness that makes the story frighteningly real. Readers, take heed: This novel does not pussyfoot around the reality of domestic violence, but instead pays testament to it in exceedingly graphic detail. Dark and twisted, Into the Darkest Corner is a terrifying thriller, and the only breaks you’re likely to take while reading it will be to triple-check the locks on your doors and windows.

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Into the Darkest Corner

By Elizabeth Haynes
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