September 26, 2011

Magic and consequences

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Wren is heartbroken when her boyfriend Danny is killed in a car accident. Using supernatural powers she inherited from her mother, though she doesn’t yet completely understand them, Wren brings Danny back from the dead. She quickly realizes that what she’s awakened isn’t the real Danny, but something else entirely. Living Danny was a sweet, funny and humanly flawed boyfriend. Zombie Danny feeds off of nothing but Wren’s attention.

As Wren struggles with her emotional decision to raise Danny from the dead, a new boy arrives at her school. Gabriel somehow senses Wren’s secret and gets her to let her guard down enough to confide in him. Wren’s friendship with Gabriel allows her to begin to overcome her grief and see why what she did was so wrong.

Cold Kissis so much more than just another paranormal romance. Wren is a strong character readers will easily relate to, and her struggle to do the right thing is genuine and heartfelt. She’s learning about true love, including the difficult lesson that sometimes what you really must do is let go.

Amy Garvey’s young adult debut is an intricately woven story, full of complex characters and emotional descriptions of love and loss. Readers of all ages will appreciate Wren’s growth throughout the novel. She experiences a believable transformation—one that transcends the paranormal aspects of the novel. Cold Kiss is a valuable addition to the genre of paranormal teen romance.

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