September 12, 2011

An age-old conflict plays out among the stars

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Trillions of miles from Earth, a massive spaceship, the Empyrean, hurtles toward a goal they only know as New Earth. On board are dozens of families, their children destined to settle and repopulate New Earth with the next generation. For 43 years the Empyrean has traveled without seeing any of the other ships that are traveling the same journey.

All that is about to change.

Traversing a nebula that disrupts their communication and navigation tools, the Empyrean catches sight of a second ship, the New Horizon. But the messages coming from the ship are confusing and contradictory. Are its inhabitants friends or foes? Soon the two ships are engaged in a disorienting power struggle, wrapped up in the desire to perpetuate the next generation.

At the center of the conflict are young lovers Kieran, the untested heir apparent to the role of Empyrean's Captain, and Waverly, who loves Kieran but still has doubts about becoming a wife and mother at age 15. When Waverly and the rest of the Empyrean's girls are taken aboard the New Horizon, these two must determine whether they can trust anyone—even each other.

On the surface of things, Glow is a cracking good science fiction tale, full of action and nonstop plot twists. It's also, however, an exploration of philosophical and historical concepts. The New Horizon's philosophy and way of life—down to the sermons proclaimed by their leader, Anne Mather—are inspired by Puritan principles. Meanwhile, as indicated by its name, the Empyrean abides by a more rational approach. Reason vs. faith—how will this conflict play out when the future of the human race is at stake? Readers will have to wait for the next installment in the tension-packed Sky Chasers trilogy.

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