August 2011

True love thinks

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Good girl Lacey Anne Byer longs for nothing more than to play the part of “Abortion Girl” in her church’s Hell House production over Halloween weekend. As a lifelong member of the House of Enlightenment Evangelical Church, and the daughter of the youth pastor, she plans to turn the role into her “movie moment.”

The scenes in Hell House—which deal with abortion, gay marriage, drunk driving—all seem like cut-and-dried ways to go straight to Hell as far as Lacey is concerned. She is so firm in her beliefs that she has trouble recognizing the new feelings that wash over her when “new guy” Ty Davis sends her on a wild ride of emotions.

For the first time in her life, Lacey is forced to stop and think about her faith, her friendships and what she wants for her future. Even as her feelings for Ty grow, and are returned, she finds her conversations with him challenging and frustrating. Ty is not someone who is willing to simply accept the beliefs and standards that are handed to him by authority figures. He insists on examining what seems right to him, and Lacey finds herself drawn down the path of introspection as well.

In Small Town Sinners, Melissa Walker tackles difficult subjects with a unique approach. Hidden within this sweet and engrossing story of first love is one of an intelligent young woman with strong moral values, discovering her own truth. Young readers will find themselves enchanted by the likable characters and challenged to examine their own convictions.

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