May 09, 2011

The phone call that changes everything

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It’s been said that there’s only a certain amount of luck in the world, and some people have more of it than others. For high school junior Nick Brandt, his wealth of luck is his birthright. He has it all—good grades, a best friend who could be an honorary brother and a perfect relationship with his parents. Not only that, but Nick is well on his way to finally getting the girl of his dreams, Eden Reiss.

Until that one little phone call.

Unfortunately, Nick doesn’t have the foresight to just let it ring, and on a random Tuesday, his life changes forever with a simple lift of a receiver. Nick does not want change, because he’s a lucky one, and change is an intruder come to disrupt his pristine world. But that one phone call sends Nick’s dad into silence as secrets about his life are slowly revealed, and Nick is positive that a) things will never be the same again and b) his lucky life was false to begin with. As Nick fumbles around and redefines “angst” for teenagers everywhere, he must discover what it really means to be The Lucky Kind.

Alyssa B. Sheinmel, author of The Beautiful Between, has captured the sinfully annoying whine of a teenager who can’t stand someone messing with his perfect life. Nick might kick and scream the entire way, seemingly regressing from a junior hotshot to a toddler in mere pages, but in the end, teen readers will be touched by the unexpected friendship and change of heart that will help him put his life back together again.

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