July 2008

Thor’s super man returns

By Brad Thor
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Remember what happened when those Danish cartoonists drew caricatures of the Islamic prophet? Just imagine what could happen when an American novelist, New York Times best-selling author Brad Thor, does roughly the same in The Last Patriot.

Ex-Navy SEAL turned Homeland Security operative Scot Harvath (who Thor fans will recall from The First Commandment), is enjoying a little R&andR in gay Paree with his slightly damaged but healing girlfriend, Tracy Hastings (herself a Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal tech) when things turn, well, not so gay. After a bungled car bomb blast and a narrow escape with an Islamic scholar in tow, the bodies begin to stack up like cordwood.

Why all the fuss? Seems that an addendum to the Koran, allegedly written by the prophet himself, makes an unexpected – and to a group of jihadists, entirely unwelcome – appearance. If allowed to become public, it could "stop militant Islam dead in its tracks." Tough times demand a tough hero, and they don't come any grittier than Thor's. Facing down a recalcitrant target who stands between him and the French pokey, Harvath employs Jack Bauer-like tactics to persuade his captive that confession is good for the soul. With not just a license to kill, but a license to wound, disrupt, maim and explode, Harvath is, virtually single-handedly, more than a match for any who would seek to overthrow our republic by means of force or violence. The only things he's missing are a cape and vulnerability to Kryptonite.

Fans of "24" and other high-adrenaline escapist fare will find Thor's latest cinematic page-turner a must-pack for this summer's vacation.

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