November 2004

Good to the last drop

By Diane Mott Davidson
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Grab a cup of decaf before settling down with Goldy Schulz's latest culinary caper. Zippier than a double hit of espresso and filled with the usual array of mouth-watering recipes, Double Shot has more twists than a fresh batch of fusilli. Diane Mott Davidson's 12th culinary mystery begins as Goldy's jerk of an ex-husband, John Richard, is found murdered. No one is more surprised than Goldy when she's framed for the crime. Sure, both she and her best friend, Marla (a fellow ex-Mrs. Jerk), were still seething that he'd been let out of prison, but did they really wish him dead? With a heavy catering schedule serving most of the creme de la creme of Aspen Meadow society, Goldy barely has time to rework the menus, much less commit a murder. Of course, John Richard never had a problem making enemies, including a bushel of jilted women. Socialite Courtney MacEwan, the most recent casualty of John Richard's affections, certainly has reason to top the list of suspects. A few hundred thousand reasons, that is. No one believes for a moment that John Richard Korman could possibly afford his country club estate and all the trimmings without the help of Ms. MacEwan's checkbook. As rumors begin to boil surrounding John Richard's forays into money laundering and unpaid debts, and more of Aspen Meadow's social register comes under scrutiny, another dead body surfaces.

With questions swirling like the inside of a cinnamon strudel, Goldy is torn between investigating the murders and keeping her head off the chopping block. Perhaps worst of all, Goldy and John Richard's son, Arch, seems to be juggling his grief with a secret that could hold the key to his father's murder.

Seasoned with dicey characters from the local strip club, hints of church corruption and a dash or two of unrequited love, Double Shot serves up a mystery that even the most avid of fans won't unscramble until the last bite.

Sheri Swanson enjoys trying new recipes and heartily recommends Goldy's Nuthouse Cookies.


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Double Shot

By Diane Mott Davidson
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