December 1998


By Scott Adams
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Life in a box Journey to Cubeville (Andrews McMeel, $19.95, 0836271750), the misadventures of Dilbert, uber-computer geek, is an ode to workers the world over. Scott Adams’s humor may not be for everyone; if you’ve never had a problem boss or a hopelessly clueless co-worker then you might not get Dilbert. For the rest of us, life according to this cult cartoon is dead on. While Journey to Cubeville deals mostly with the quotidian frustration of dealing with pointy headed higher-ups and antagonistic underlings, work is not everything. Adams also covers such hot topics as dating, mutual funds, and the sports memorabilia business. As usual, our hero is aided by his associates Wally and Alice, as well as the animal sidekicks (who really run the show) the Machiavellian pair of Catbert and Dogbert. A note of caution: Don’t read Cubeville in public if you’re embarrassed about laughing out loud.

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Journey to Cubeville

Journey to Cubeville

By Scott Adams
Andrews McMeel
ISBN 9780836271751

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