January 2020

Emergency Kittens!

illustrated by Dave Mottram
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When life’s got you down and you’re in a tough spot, who you gonna call—Ghostbusters? Maybe Batman? Or perhaps Wonder Woman? No way. Make your appeal, instead, to the Emergency Kittens! Mimi, Twee-Twee and Adorbs are three dainty, dauntless, daredevil cats with starry eyes, colorful capes and a superpower purr that is totally irresistible. 

Author Jody Jensen Shaffer (Prudence the Part-Time Cow) and illustrator Dave Mottram (Wordy Birdy) have teamed up to create a winning, child-pleasing combo: superheroes and fuzzy kittens. In this Batman-meets-Fluffy tale of rescue, the Emergency Kittens bound off the page and come out victorious.

When Sheldon’s basketball gets away from him at the playground, a group of kids nabs it and starts a game of keep-away. Nearby human superheroes show up in a flash and try their best to make things right. They move bulldozers, leap in the air and tie themselves in knots, but their efforts to obtain Sheldon’s ball are fruitless. If a half-dozen superheroes can’t help him, Sheldon wonders, who can?

Help soon arrives. Mimi, Twee-Twee and Adorbs pounce to the playground, rocking their soft fur and sparkly capes. They attempt their usual antics before opening their big eyes wide and purring their superpowered purrs. Who could resist? The mean kids play with the kittens and never notice Sheldon’s ball rolling back to him.

So the next time you drop your ice-cream cone, get a bad haircut or get stuck up a tree—have no fear. The Emergency Kittens will save the day!

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Emergency Kittens!

Emergency Kittens!

illustrated by Dave Mottram
ISBN 9781984830081

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