April 04, 2017

I Dared the Duke

By Anna Bennett
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It's a battle of wills between a playboy Duke and an infamous wallflower in Anna Bennett's newest regency romance.

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It’s a battle of wills between a playboy duke and an infamous wallflower in Anna Bennett’s newest regency romance.

A recent addition to the Blackshire estate, Elizabeth “Beth” Lacey becomes a companion to the Dowager Duchess, grandmother of the rakish Duke Alexander Savage. Although Beth and the Duchess get along swimmingly, friction is evident between Beth and Alex, especially when he tries to get Beth to convince his grandmother that moving away to the countryside will do her good. Beth promises to follow the duke’s orders, but only if he grants his grandmother three wishes before her departure. Alex and Beth’s tension eventually evolves into romance, and for the first time, Alex reveals his well-guarded secrets—except for one that has the power to devastate their relationship.

There is plenty of irony amid the salacious scenes that grace the pages of Bennett’s latest novel, the second book in the Wayward Wallflowers series. Bennett introduces two seemingly opposing characters that have more in common than expected. Beth and Alex both understand pain and loss, but their radically different social situations alter the outcomes of their past trials. But even amid harsh life experiences, their feisty personas have enabled them to become survivors. Bennett combines a little of everything to produce an engaging story—strong character development, an abundance of cliffhangers, unexpected plot twists, thought-provoking human-interest themes, mystery and comedy—all carefully woven into one steamy romance. I Dared the Duke is a captivating page-turner that will become a new favorite among romance enthusiasts!

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I Dared the Duke

I Dared the Duke

By Anna Bennett
St. Martin's
ISBN 9781250100924

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