December 29, 2014

Love on the wing (of a dragon)

By Donna Grant
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New York Times best-selling author Donna Grant launches into the new year in spectacular style with Hot Blooded, the latest entry in her wildly popular Dark Kings series.

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New York Times best-selling author Donna Grant launches the new year in spectacular style with Hot Blooded, the latest entry in her wildly popular Dark Kings series.

When murder eliminates the human guardian of a door between hostile magic realms and Dreagan, the earthly home of the Dragon Kings, his daughter returns to the Scottish Highlands. Twenty years earlier, at the tender age of 8, Iona Campbell was torn from her home and heritage by her narcissistic mother. She endured her mother’s careless parenting and multiple stepfathers until she was old enough to escape. Her love of photography was her solace during her loveless childhood, and she has become a world-renowned photographer.

Laith is a shape-shifter dragon, ancient in human terms, and an integral part of Dreagan. He has watched several of his friends find mates over the last months and he’s very sure bonding with a woman is not in his plans. Fate intervenes when Iona Campbell walks into his bar and he’s shaken to his core. He has no desire to fall in love, but everything about Iona draws him like a magnet. Iona feels the same compulsive attraction to Laith, but her sterile childhood has instilled in her an unshakeable belief that enduring love doesn’t exist. She has never been in a relationship—and she doesn’t want one.

Iona and Laith have little time to adjust to the heat between them, however, for an evil enemy wants revenge against the Dragon Kings, and the enemy’s target is Iona. If Laith and Iona are going to survive the attacks and guard the magical portal, they’re going to have to join forces and deal with the fiery attraction between them. The real question is—even if they make it out alive, will Iona ever be able to commit and bond with Laith?

Grant has a legion of fans who love the Dark Kings series, and this latest novel is a stellar example of just why the books are so popular. With a detailed Scottish setting, a cast of characters that include hot men who shape-shift into powerful dragons and equally strong, beautiful women, as well as an evil villain threatening the destruction of their world, it’s no wonder readers can’t get enough of the Dreagan stories. Fans are sure to welcome the latest novel from Grant with delighted enthusiasm.

Lois Dyer writes from Port Orchard, Washington.


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