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Trick Mirror

Every single essay in Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion is a standout, and Jia Tolentino sets the bar higher for every other essay writer.

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Review of ‘Trick Mirror’

The past decade witnessed a publishing boom of essay collections by a certain type of woman: a coastal 20- or 30-something, witty and “famous”—on Twitter as well as for her actual career as an actress, comedian or writer.

Jia Tolentino, a New Yorker staff writer with more than 100K Twitter followers, fits this profile exactly.…

Interview with Jia Tolentino

Christian megachurches. Scammers. Barre classes. Hashtag activism. Difficult women. Literary heroines. Frats. Weddings. A 2004 reality show that dropped eight teenagers in Puerto Rico and filmed what happened. Jia Tolentino describes the essays in Trick Mirror as “nine terrible children.” It’s the first book for this Extremely Online (that is, extremely plugged into the internet) writer, who cut her teeth at women’s website The Hairpin before heading to Jezebel and finally The New Yorker.

Featuring ‘Trick Mirror’

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