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Review of ‘Gravity Is the Thing’

The invitation seems a bit silly to Abigail Sorenson: attend an all-expenses-paid retreat on an island off the coast of Tasmania to learn about a self-help book. But it’s an opportunity she can’t refuse, even if she does expect a catch in the form of a sales pitch.

This retreat isn’t about any old self-help book.…

Behind the Book by Jaclyn Moriarty

Award-winning YA author Jaclyn Moriarty on her adult debut, a whimsical tale that plumbs the depths of grief, hope and self-help.

Featuring ‘Gravity Is the Thing’

Funny 2019 fiction: Darkly hilarious but utterly real
In 2019, we’ve enjoyed a number of good comic tales—but they’re dark, a little wicked, and even when they’re a little fantastical, they’re deeply, utterly real. Here are five of our favorites.

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