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A Polar Affair

Lloyd Spencer Davis writes with wit and a wry, irrepressible sense of humor, while imparting everything there is to know about penguins.

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Review of ‘A Polar Affair’

The polar explorations of the 19th and 20th centuries are well-chronicled journeys to both the North and South poles, strewn with well-known names such as Shackleton, Peary, Scott, Nansen and Amundsen. Less well known is the first, albeit reluctant, penguin biologist, a British physician named Gregory Murray Levick who accompanied Robert F. Scott on his…

Featuring ‘A Polar Affair’

The story of penguins in 14 facts
Here are the 14 most interesting penguin facts from Lloyd Spencer Davis, penguin expert and author of A Polar Affair.

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